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Monday, September 28, 2009


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Explain the melting of polar ice, the melting of arctic permafrost, and the foreced relocation of Inuit villages because of sea levels rising with your data. Take your head out of fabricated PhD clouds and look at the solid evidence that is effecting the lives of REAL people, not just what data crunching scientists publish. Common sense man. Data is proven unreliable, Krugman even concedes that. Way to bash and article without even quoting any of it. Lose the confrontational attitude and try to help everyone work to a solution.


Explain the satellite images that put the lie to your propaganda.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Explain the various previous Ice Ages, explain the Great Lakes, explain the fossils of Palm Tress and the like in areas now too cold to grow such vegetation.

Explain the recorded global temperatures versus the timeline of the world and its weather patterns.

Explain Krugman's credentials on the subject.

Lastly, explain the taste of that Kool Aid.

Morgan K Freeberg

This subject is in the top three, definitely, of what provides the greatest fun in arguing with liberals while demanding the least amount of effort.

"So what is today's mean global temperature?" is plenty enough to throw a manner into the bicycle spokes and bring back a plaintive wail of "I don't know about any of that, I just feel..."

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