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Thursday, September 24, 2009


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Chris Vehr

"To paraphrase Bart Simpson..."



To paraphrase Bart's dad....


msnbc? = Mass Socialist Network Barack Channel


So, I guess I'm stupid, was this recorded in 2004? Yea, thought so.


I don't get it, but that's ok, seeing as I'm for Christ --- Non-believers in Christ are definitely like particle board: alright for cabinet making and behind-the-scene in the dark, but ever see a HOUSE made up of that capillary material in the daylight? When the wind blows, you know how it goes: structural collapse, no meatNbones bringing U.S. to the Great Beyond. Barack Obama’s exactly like that: controlled by the filthy rich, partial-birth-abortion’s STILL a mortal sin deserving of the Abode of the Damned. Here’s three things you’ll never see: Satan praying the Rosary, end-to-the-slaughter without the Return of the King, and stanky BO preaching abstinence to young people DOMINUS VOBISCUM Lookit our blog, friend, and write something profound. God bless you profusely.

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