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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


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Obviously there are those who saw immediately what I saw when I arose to the news this morning.

The libs will try everything now, to attempt to leverage his death into the engine that they need to get the Obama bill passed.

Now is the time that the counter pressure must be applied by the people.

Teddy Kennedy and his death have little to do with it, aside from the fact that one of the biggest liberals in the senate is now dead.

Perhaps Mary Jo Kopecni (sp) can be at ease now, but the rest of us need to remain vigilant and keep this health care heresy from passing.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

No comment on his death, my Mom taught me better.

Now, if they want to drag health care into the discussion that changes everything.


Same here, tim. My niece's husband posted about his death on Facebook, and one of his liberal friends posted a list of his "accomplishments". Well, as most of them concerned disasters in healthcare, I had a lot to say about that.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Chris "A$$clown" Matthews just can't help himself -


Oh, dear, evil me.

FB commenter: He passed 2500 bills! He did a lot for this country!

ME: But what exactly were those bills, how did they impact our lives, and since when is a flurry of bills positive? Did these bills take away one's individual initiative and responsibility? Did they interfere unduly with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, although I'm not saying he's in hell - I'm not his judge in that area.

tim aka The Godless Heathen


In a related note I saw on Fox News Monday a report from Martha's Vinyard about how some of the locals feel about Pres. O coming in to town for vaca. One idiot actually said (and I've heard it before), "Well, he's done more in the last six months than his preddesesor did in 8 yrs."

Ya' just have to laugh (to stop from going insane).

Son of Sam was a busy guy too but I don't think anyone really liked his work.

Enjoy your FB debate.

derek demos

That’s a terrible thing for American…and the world; we all lost a great man and also a long legacy of family patriots and supporters to the American people and politics. We will miss you. Condolences to the family.


derek - obviously you have been reading the hagiographical version of the Kennedy clan's history. Try reading some real history and FACTS about the Kennedy brothers - boozers and whoremongers all. They never met a drink or a woman they didn't try to consume.

Well, tim, this is why Teddy was elected time after time after time. However, they are correct about how much Obama has done - whether it was worth doing is the question. I guess destruction for the sake of destruction is doing a lot.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

No derek, no "we" involved. Speak for yourself.


Ted's dead, baby! I'm throwing a kegger!
I hope it was an, excruciating death! Although I'm sure he had a decent amount of Dewar's to ease the pain.


Sorry that you died Ted, If your Health care would of been infect, you would of been dead a long time ago because they would of pulled the plug a year ago.


The Lion…Err Dog of the Senate.
“Teddy Kennedy was the weak kitten in the litter, never able to measure up to his brothers.
The accident at Chappaquiddick displayed his chronic immaturity. One problem Teddy has always had was keeping it in his pants – even when other people are around.”
- Cleo O’Donnell – wife of former Kennedy campaign aide.
Check out my take, and stick around for more good content.

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