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Thursday, August 27, 2009


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

Not only that but now since there will be less of a supply of used vehicle on the market the price of them just went up. Which means the average used car buyer who is already on the lower end of the pay scale will be that much poorer.

Awesome hope & change, awesome.


Let's not forget the junkyard owners who make money selling the parts including the bodies on junked vehicles. And the owners who regularly visit these places for parts to keep our own cars running and/or looking decent.

Yep, let's give up a well-running "clunker" to pay for a vehicle we can't afford. Right.

I'm looking at that list and cringing, because I would love to get my husband a good used Ford F150 truck. And the Plymouth Grand Voyager (equivalent to the Dodge Grand Caravan) was the car I wept over as it was towed away as it had overseen my growing family, served as a sanctuary for my tears after 9/11 and held many happy memories of family trips and excursions.

chuck aka XtnYoda

Wouldn't it be nice if the federal government did the one thing they can do... and should do... and that is to fund our military... then get the heck out of the military's way and let them do their job.

Would be a peaceful world by now.


Nobody has said a thing about the new low mileage cars, with Ele. motors. Will have to be charged up the big battery pack will take a huge amount of Ele. Quick charging batteries draws a ton of amps. Mr. Obama put a polution tax on power plants that burn coal. 8% I think starting next year. Good bye saving. Hello poor house.

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