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Monday, August 10, 2009


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Wow you're clever! Now go read the First Amendment and find that nobody has a right to a heckler's veto. Funny watching you fake outrage over folks being called out for doing something specifically forbidden by the Constitution.

Chris Vehr

Hmmm. I must've missed the part about hecklers.


I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually think we would have done better to have Hillary as president. I thought so during the primaries and right up to the elections. The democrats really blew this.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."


The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." - Winston Churchill


I don't care what nancy or hillary say, Barack Obama needs to get this health care bill passed and WITH the public option. If it doesn't go through it's going to a awful lot of crying and dying out there./ Your jobs such as you've known them will never be a guarantee to you again. The days of generations of family members working in the same place forever ar over. This is not the 60's people. and we have the age of technology. Can you compete, are you intellectually prepared. I think not. So you may find yourself being in and out of many jobs either by choice or by force because of lack of skills and educatioin , while a new generation takes over who may have no use for you, then onless you can creat you own business you will be stripped of your health care many times between jobs, and when you're lucky enough to get something it's going to be too little too late because the insurance companies you so proudly want to pay all your money to, won't accept anyone with preexisting conditions. Then whacha gonna do. We need the public option first and formost as a safety net to catch those who will be going through the rough times as well as elderly and children. Case in point : my sister just got notice from her health insurer is increasing her primiums 145.00, so she will now be paying 565.00 for a family of four a month. Part of it will be substisized by her employer, but she has to pay the rest.So as we live in these uncertain times that we have unfortuanatly not prepared ourselves for educationally, because we liked the status quo and never took technology seriously. We thought it was all about video game Eh! Believe me we;ii be crying for public option by the time the dust settles. So just keep shouting out at the town hall meetings. You know it all.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

No marion, you know it all. Let’s review, because it’s not the 60’s anymore and some people aren’t covered, etc, etc. the government should take over the health insurance industry. The government will fix it and make it all better in your mind. When has this EVER happened? Name us the programs the government has taken over and improved. How’s Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, public education working out for ya’?

Have you looked at the deficit lately, you believe that the same people who can’t balance a budget should run health care in the US? Its pure fantasy to think rationing will not be implemented under government control.

As far as a public option, how long do you think private insurance companies would be able to compete with the government? Where is this happening now?

Hell, you know it all, obviously more than the majority of Americans who do not want this AND are just as frustrated with all of the problems we currently have with health insurance. Maybe, instead of being as obstinate as Pres. Obama and the idiots in congress, maybe we could figure out a way to improve it without destroying it by turning over to the government.

Maybe you’d like to live in some socialist country but not me or those people shouting at town hall meetings. But screw it, your right, let’s just get it over with and live as subjects under the boot heels of our keepers. Yup, that’s what the Founding Fathers envisioned for us.

Yea, MORE government control of our lives, that’s the ticket. Hell, let’s change the national anthem now-“…and the home of the… cowards who want the government to run their pathetic lives”. Hey, that’s kind’a catchy, sign me up.


Persons whose behavior would get them thrown out of a Rolling Stones show should be removed by security. Period. President Bush, it will be recalled, almost never appeared before audiences not pre-screened for loyalty. Potential dissenters were prevented from entering and were sometimes arrested.


Umm… can you substantiate any of this… a link or two maybe…

Color me incredulous…

tim aka The Godless Heathen

"Potential dissenters were prevented from entering and were sometimes arrested."

Well somehow this guy got thru...but I'm sure they waterboarded him later.

BTW, wasn't this post about Congress member's town hall meetings? Take thread off topic - trolling 101.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

But speaking of the Bush years, dissenters were patriotic back then, nobody made a freakin’ peep about calling him Hitler (real not made up like this crap), hanging him in effigy, making movies about assassinating him and on and on and on…

Yes, let’s talk about the double standard, by all means let’s effing do it.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Nancy use to love disrupted public meetings, but that was then, this is now.

Your all fools Joe, complete fools.


And to Tim's comment about town halls--my post was on topic, you dolt.

Tim--despite your grammatical error, I love your source--certainly not a biased one, is it? If I posted a or link, would you grant it authority or disparage it through poisoning the well?

And to healthcare--in today's (conservative) Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Survey: Va. small businesses favor government role in health care

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Yea, congressional town hall meetings equal presidential town hall meetings, OK dolt.

So the source is the issue? Right, that's why you didn't address the point. Gothca. Again, change the topic when you have nothing worth debating.

Your link is a survey but NOT about what is in the bill. Did you even read it?

I am a small business owner. The National Federation of Independent Business does NOT support this bill.

Sorry I didn't add some of those cool dashes, --, here and there to be grammatical correct.


Tim, Bush didn't screen for security, he screened for loyalty. It was their modus operandi, and it's been not just alleged but proven time & time again.

Your grammatical error: "your" is the possessive form of "you," while "you're" is the contraction of "you are." The dashes are the orthographical equivalent of ellipses. Also, I don't know what a "Gothca" is--a Goth from Canada, perhaps? If you meant to be snarky, you might have intended the word "gotcha."

Now, I don't know whether you're really stupid or just careless. I'm not saying that you are an ignoramus, but I'm just pointing out that your use of language can imply a sense of your intellectual abilities.

I did watch the heavily edited Malkin video. And the video underscores my point--were this a Bush meeting, the people would have been escorted out. In addition, note that people DO let her talk. There is give and take, but there's also common courtesy...something these birthers & deathers can't seem to understand.


Wow Joe,

Thank you SOOOOO much for the lesson in proper grammar and ellocution! We hick-stain 'tard-billies really needed that!

As to your assertation that Bush screened for "loyalty" at his appearances, do you have the same problem with Obambi "planting" cute nine-year old daughters of his campaign leadership in a NATIONALLY COVERED town-hall meeting? The left has used the "shout louder when you're losing the debate" tactic for YEARS....just go back and watch any lefty on ANY FoxNews program for all the documentation you need.

The big difference here, or one of them anyway, is that while the leftist political "punditry" routinely engaged in this "I'm louder so I win" tactic to drown out a superior point of logic (and if your professional apologists have to do this...your whole premise might smell), these people standing up and yelling at the town hall meetings are AMATURES who are just sick and tired of it all. Not paid professional analysts..just everyday folks who aren't really happy about the direction this current crop of "leadership" is taking us in. AND they're sick of their Senators and Representatives conducting themselves as a superior class of people who not only think they KNOW what's best for the rubes back home, but can't believe those rubes aren't falling prostrate at their feet in abject worship.

A second point that bears consideration is that no mater what the media will have you believe, the Left has NEVER been able to muster such wide-ranging and voluminous support for any of their protests. Compare Medea Benjamin and her Code Pink crones' screeching antics that couldn't even manage to shut down ONE RECRUITING OFFICE in California, with the fact that the "angry mob" has brought the debacle that is the Obama administration (with the Pelosi/Reid Congress thrown in) to a crashing halt in their rush to usher in the new socialist utopia.

You are just jealous of the popular support that opponents of Obamacare enjoy. So, since you can't really shout LOUDER than the crowd (even with most of the MSM helping out) to win the argument, it's time for the old cannard of "Bush was worserer!"

Riddle me this Joe-ker...if the idea of a public option/single payer/government run health care plan enjoys the overwhelming public support that YOU GUYS know..the vast majority of America supports this......whyis it you had to wait until the Dems controlled the entire shooting match to get it done? I mean if the vast majority of America was for it and all, I'd think you would've had the grass-roots support to force those eeeevil Republicans to make this happen a long time ago. Aren't we seeing what great numbers (never mind the vast majority) of Americans can do when united around an issue? Kinda makes me think maybe you guys are fudging the number of "supporters" just a teeensy bit!

Please feel free to correct any grammatical faux pas I might have committed, or any abuse of the Queen's English....but please try and save some time to address the points.


Oh and Joe....If Tim's use of language can imply a sense of his intellectual abilities, what should we infer about the intellectual abilities of President Uh...Um..ER..Bama? Not the TOTUS version...the one where he has to string together his own thoughts and ideas on the fly. Just sayin'.


Shifty1, what do you think of Tim's use of language?



I got the point he was making, without presuming to judge his level of intellect based on his use of language. You know something Joe, along about my sophmore year in high school, they started grading my essays on the content of the ideas presented, rather than the grammatical structure. Like I said, if you can't ignore the grammatical quirks in a post on a blog and adress the merits of an argument, perhaps it says more about YOU than the other party.

Oh and you STILL haven't addressed any of my points, or tendered your opinion on the intellectual capacity of the Dear Leader, based on his contemperaneous use of grammar and proper English! Don't think we didn't notice the evasion!

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Thanks for having my back Shifty1.

Joe, you are a complete waste of time. As I said, the inability to talk about the issues is a Liberal tactic to shift the conversation to the irrelevant.

I never claimed to be the most grammatically correct individual; attempting to tear me down because of some mistakes in grammar is rather pathetic of you. Yet again, a typical Liberal tactic now being used by Pelosi, Reid and the president.

I come to work everyday at MY business, haven’t had a week off in 5 years, pay my taxes so jerk off slackers can have things they don’t deserve, just like what the healthcare bill covers.

So go ahead, take petty shots at my grammar because if that’s all you have I know I am right, along with the majority of America.

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