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Thursday, August 20, 2009


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chuck aka XtnYoda

Steven King couldn't write a more profound horror story than these people.

Had to post it.


Recently saw some actor or another talking about how polar bears are endangered, showing the cropped videos of a mother and baby on an ice floe, lying about them being endangered when in fact, their population has been increasing and so has the area in which they live.

They have to lie to panic ignorant people who are too lazy to be skeptical and find out what's really true.

By all means, let's not think.


I have a baby and the thought of all of this scares me and gives me panic attacks. It's just another media outlet causing mass hysteria as always. Then they wonder why half the world is depressed! That's all that's ever on the news. It's seriously one scare tactic after another. I have been on medicine forever to help me deal with this. The more and more I really read into it, how many scientists are really saying it's another fluctuation in temperature that ALWAYS happens? Another way to make money. Give it 50 years and it'll make up something else!

Der Beobachter Edelweiss

Spread this link all over the world..proof that Global Waming is a Hoax

Yes...the Climate-Waming is a Hoax then...just check it out



Global warming is fake and sucks

chuck aka xtnyoda

And just today in Copenhagen, Gore has said that by 2015 the arctic ice will be gone.

Gore is obviously not listening to Greenpeace.

Even when caught in a lie, admit to lies and misrepresentations... some still continue the same mime, and raise the stakes...???


Danielle - the only way to be calm and peaceful about everything is to remember that God rules the universe, that He doesn't make junk and made our Earth to withstand whatever we could do to it until we learn to do well, and that He loves and cares for us on an individual as well as corporate basis.

Yes, be angry and do stuff about it, but don't worry yourself into depression.

Spurwing Plover

AL GORE is a con-man and snake oil salesman he deserves to lose both his undeserved prizes for this hoax

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