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Thursday, July 23, 2009


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

Good on the cop, from the report and all other accounts he certainly owes no apology.

Also, it's a rather sad day in this country when our president disrespects a police officer especially without knowing all of the facts as he himself admitted.

As far as Professor Gates goes, eff you a$$hole and any of those who support you. (Sorry but I have nothing else to say to such a losers).

Chris Vehr

When you're right, you're right!

Why would he apologize?

People need to see this situation for what it is, pure racism on the part of Gates and Obama. An apology from them would be the only apropriate way to end this drama.

Gates could always blame a few glasses of wine for his behavior.

Stay tuned!

J. Tyler Ballance

" all accounts..." doesn't include the statement of Professor Gates.

Without taking sides in this case, we need to recognize what every trial attorney knows from experience: Just because a fellow wears a badge, does not assure us that he will tell the truth; especially when the heat is on.

Anyone who has been arrested by the police has their own story to tell. Those who were arrested without being guilty of anything, are especially embittered.

I have a cousin who was such an easy-going cop, people he arrested would actually thank him for the way they were treated.

Negroes, Latinos, and members of the Lesbian, Gay and Transgendered communities, along with those perceived to be members of the aforementioned groups, are disproportionally targeted by police for harsh treatment.

This abuse is not the imagination of those citizens who have reported being harassed or treated with contempt by law enforcement.

That being said, Negro men are responsible for the majority of violent crime, and per capita, are the most violent segment of the population. None of the leaders of the Negro community have vigorously denounced the violent behavior of their own community. More needs to be done by these supposed community leaders.

As a society, we can help resolve the underlying problem of this case; the over-reaction by Professor Gates and the over-reaction by Sergeant Crowley.

A helpful first step would be for self-anointed leaders of the "Black" community, such as President Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others, to speak clearly to their followers regarding how to behave while interacting with the cops. Police Officers deal with the scum of society every day, any human would get a bit callous in that environment. When a policeman questions you, be polite, identify yourself and tell the officer that you will not answer questions without your attorney present. Do not allow your anger or disgust over being questioned by police to escalate. Keep cool.

Leaders of law enforcement must convey to their officers that being White, a minority or gay or just odd looking, is neither a crime, nor a basis for contemptuous treatment. We never know what sort of abuse someone has experienced in prior encounters, or even on that same day. Do not let emotions to escalate. Keep cool.

Perhaps this lemon of a situation can be turned into lemonade. If President Obama hosts both of these men at the White House, he may not only salve the damage he did with his careless comment, but he may be able to help make a lasting and positive impact on the relations between law enforcement and all of our citizens.

Tom Osborne

Thank you for that great propaganda, J. Tyler Ballance. Going to a man's house to investigate a burglary at that house and asking the black man found inside to identify himself is anything but police brutality, it's protecting the right of private property, which you and all the other socialists do not understand or appreciate--in fact, you actually work against it. I have no respect for Gates, who is one of those "whitey needs to pay reparations to poor suffering blacks due to slavery" type guys. (I an white, but I don't see any salves in my house, thank you very much.) Racism, and finding it under every rock, is Gates's whole reason for being; without it (or without accusing everybody of it), he would just dry up and blow away (which would be a good thing if he did). Regarding any suggestion of fellow racist Obama "straightening it out", don't make me vomit.

J. Tyler Ballance

Although it is vogue among "ditto-heads" to carp about "socialists" whenever they encounter the myriad things that befuddle them, the point that readers should take away from my earlier post is that the Gates case has inflamed some longstanding issues and that we are best served by dealing with the underlying problems, than simply lining up as, those for Gates or those for Crowley.

Regardless of the mistakes that were made by Gates, Sergeant Crowley, the president, and the media, we can use these moments of tension to explore underlying issues and teach our citizens how to properly and constructively respond, when they are faced with similar circumstances.

Even though President Obama made an error by commenting too soon, his hosting of the two men at the White House could become a positive and pivotal moment for relations between law enforcement and the Negro citizens, here in America.

It would be refreshing to see some self anointed leader, like Jesse Jackson, deliver to young African-Americans a message like, "When a cop arrests you, just identify yourself, and inform the officer that you will wait to talk with an attorney before you answer any other questions; then remain civil in your demeanor."

It would also be a positive change for police who are detaining our fellow citizens to be just as courteous to them, as they are when hauling in the rich executive criminals, such as Bernie Madoff or Michael Milkin.

As for this recent debacle, let us hope for the best and do what we can in our own communities to rectify similar problems, to those that were illuminated by the Gates-Crowley story.

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