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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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What this piece truly reflects? Is just how successful egalitarian socialist branding has become in our society. All it takes is either some professor or social scientist or celebrity to coin the phrase and we suddenly have a here to for never before recognized problem.

Not to mention a new class of people to be demonized for their abberant behaviour and their audacity to recognize that there is significance inherent to racial differences.

And as it concerns racial profiling? People should have a look back down the telescope through the opposite end. Have a look at who is on that other end pointing the fingers. People like this professor Gates and the rest of the race pimps who have enjoyed lucrative government funded careers based on their expertise in branding other people as racists.

You want statistics? Racial statistic? Good luck. They began erasing those racial lines over a decade ago in American law enforcement.

You no longer see race used as an identifier on many official crime reports or even in routine radio traffic. BOLO's (Be On the Look Out) are now routinely broadcast absent any racial identifiers.

"Be on the look out for a robbery suspect.....male height weight etc." Never mind what race he is, that is not important.

If you really are interested in spending endless hours down the rabbit hole?

Go here and enjoy....

Sissy Willis

Liberals want to outlaw the survival instinct. :-)

Russell S

When most terrorist acts are perpetrated by people of middle eastern decent it only makes sense to search 75 year old white women at the airport doesn't it?


Give this a try.

Morgan K Freeberg


tim aka The Godless Heathen

“You no longer see race used as an identifier on many official crime reports or even in routine radio traffic. BOLO's (Be On the Look Out) are now routinely broadcast absent any racial identifiers.”

So that’s why there are so many Black men in jail, it’s all a case of mistaken identity. The cops didn’t know that they were really looking for white guys and just decided to pickup and railroad any Black guy who happened to be close by. That explains everything now.

Tom Osborne

Race and crime correlate extremely well statistically. You know those various "Places Rated" books that help you determine where to live, or where to retire? Several of them that I have used extensively are loaded with various statistics about almost everything under the sun for all of the American metropolitan areas--income, education, age groups, white collar/blue collar, movie theaters, fine restaurants, weather, golf courses, institutions of higher learning, museums, theater groups, and so on and so on, the presence or absence of factors that may interest one in finding a decent and suitable place to live.

The statistics definitely include the racial make-up of the metropolitan areas, and also crime statistics broken down by violent crime, property crime, and overall crime. So, if you enter the statistics that interest you on a speadsheet, such as is relevant here, the percentage of whites in a population in one column and the total crime statistics in another column, and then sort the columns by magnitude, what you will find is almost 100% across the board (there are a few exceptions), that where the percentage of WHITES in a population is the HIGHEST, the CRIME is the LOWEST. And, of course, the reverse is true: the higher the percentage of NON-WHITES, the higher the percentage of CRIME, and especially violent crime. The conclusion is mathematical; if you want to live in a low crime area, you need to live in a low non-white area.

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