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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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Bookie's readers explain this away:

You, my readers, are clearly right, and you’ve shown once again that context is king. Obama is introducing Medvedev to his people and not vice versa. Although this still does not account for Obama’s exasperated expression.

It looks to me like he is introducing Medved and that's why he isn't shaking hands. Can't stand the guy, but maybe this is not as it appears.


A nice attempt at parsing away what the eye is seeing, but closer examination IMO refutes the contention categorically.

To begin with, Obama is in Russia, Medevev is not at the White House. Therefore, why would Obama be introducing anyone to the Russian President other than a prominent cabinet member. And we already know that Obama had purposely left Hillary behind and out of the loop on this trip.

Note***** As they enter the room together, they do so between two Russian guards at the door and Medevev gestures immediately to Obama indicating those gathered are awaiting to their right.

As they each approach the line, Obama clearly extends his right hand forward in a gesture of formal hand shake, then withdraws it (after holding it there) when it is obvious that it is not being received as intended.

And the same attempt is repeated at least three times afterward and each attempt is rebuffed as he walks the line.

Now.....had Obama been introducing Medevev as alluded to? The proper hand gesture is one of a slightly sweeping motion indicating a display of having arrived at an introduction or something to be viewed.

It certainly would not have been a hand jutted directly forward and extended in a traditional hand shake greeting. That makes absolutely no sense. And either way, there is no explaining away the look on Obama's face through the entire process.

He is clearly exasperated and distressed at the obvious rebuffs. He is clearly not simply introducing "his people" to the Russian president.

If he were? Then why would he have that look on his face as if Joe Biden had just made another one of his notorious gaffes.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

What was all that about restoring America's credibility in the world?

Ah well, at least he can always count on Chavez, Ortega & Castro to shake hands with.

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