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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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I saw the news conference this morning. Why is this poor woman having to defend herself for acting in a rational manner?

Oh! Snap! I get it! She is a racist because she called the police to begin with!

I sure am glad we got that settled. Now if more people would act more rationally and just mind their own damn business, we would probably have a better world.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

"So the three highly trained guys who acted badly..."

Correction; two guys - Pres. 'Stupidly' and Professor 'Your Mamma'.

Officer Crowley did nothing wrong (over looking the fact that he didn't break his night stick over Gates' head).



Really, this is a bit much. Lady needs to get over herself.

Who breaks into a house with an empty cab running outside and Louis Viton Bags sitting on the front porch.

Suck it up dummy


Nobody has made any accusations against Ms. Whalen. I have not heard any criticism based on facts. Y'all need to stop fanning the flames of race fear and hatred. I have no problem with her. The police report said she had called the race of the suspects. Why is the person who gave the false report getting a pass and the victim and his friend are being blamed?
Get a grip.

Chris Vehr

Why is it that this woman is suffering while the boys club is having a beer at the White House?

This is how the left operates. Discredit the people who did the right thing and feel sorry for the person who caused the problem.

Smiity Smit

What kills me about this whole thing is everyone acts as if America isn't a country that was FOUNDED on and by racist. South Africa didn't invent Apartheid, they copied Jim Crow. This is a historical fact.

So why is it so difficult in "American Jurisprudence" to show racist intent? Well, if your a bunch of racist, of course you would want to make it difficult to show your true colors (Pun intended).

I say lets all grow up and make it so you have to prove YOU DIDN'T HAVE RACIST INTENT. That woul be more consistent with both reality and justice.

"Comment delivered roughly"

Smitty Smit


we are all going to die and no one is going to care about this event in heaven

oh wait there is more than one heaven some of white people some for black and yellow and brown and red.

oh shit I'm in trouble now.

please don't turn me in to the thought police
yes well it's clear to me that some people just do get that this is just a distraction for obama to get away with his cap and trade and health care and wars . it's a magic trick people and you are paying for it


I suppose this blog naturally attracts weirdos. I happened upon it after a Google search on Ms. Whalen.

Those of you who place no blame on the Cambridge police for the lady's difficulties are having reasoning problems. The police were the source of all the stories that inaccurately reported that she referenced two black men. And Sgt. Crowley told the world he got his info about blacks and backpacks from her. If she's being truthful, she said no such thing, and was a victim of the police, not Obama or Gates. Gates, by the way, stated early on that Whalen's phone call was legitimate.


That's right: Crowley lied in his official report. He says that Ms. Whalen told him it was two black guys. But she never said that in her telephone call withg the police dispatcher, and she denies that she had ANY conversation with Crowley at the scene.

So the idea that it was two black guys was an idea hatched solely in Crowley's mind.

Look at Crowley's report, and match it up with the 9-1-1 tapes. He supposedly did about 20 different things with Ms. Whalen and with Prof. Gates, all in the span of 28 seconds!

Tom Osborne

Here is something that was very amusing (to me, anyway):

I decided to listen to the Lucia Walen 911 call and yes, she very clearly does NOT state the race of the "suspects" in fact, she states that she couldn't see well enough to determine a race, but even if she DID state that one or both were black, I'm not quite sure why that would be "racist". Wouldn't she be merely stating a fact, like one would as a witness giving the police the details of any event? Stating the race is no different than stating size, hair color, and clothing details. So the cry of "racism" here confuses me even more.

One thing the tape clearly DOES state, several times is Gates's address (17 Ware Street, Cambridge, MA) and (I admit), being a sort of a "stalker," I decided to look this up on Google Maps's "Birdseye View" to see kind of a house this guy (whom I detest) lives in. I mean, is it some big mansion for the man "who rolls with kings and queens and Nobel prize winners"? Actually, it's a rather modest house sitting on what looks like a pretty, tree-shaded street, although across the street are rather large brick apartment buildings, so it's definitely an urban neighborhood.

Anyway, apparently Google Maps has a feature whereby celebrities living in an area can report some of the places worth visiting in the search area. So, when you look up what happens to be Professor Gates's house what you get is this:

"Yo-Yo Ma's favorite places in Boston." (Yo-Yo Ma, the renowed cellist.)

I couldn't believe it when my eyes first saw that--look up Professor Gates's house and it gets you "Yo-Yo Ma." So now I'm thinking that Professor Gates did NOT say "Yo Mama." Instead, he was following Google Maps's lead and offering Officer Crowley, a visitor to his neighborhood, "Yo-Yo Ma's" tips on sights to see in the area.


Crowley's account in the police report and Whalen's subsequent words do seem to clash... but I find that only mildly troubling.

Any perceived mistakes by Crowley were dealt with when the Cambridge police department dropped the charges against Gates and when they've repeatedly stated that there are things that might've been handled differently in retrospect. Given that we now know there were two black men attempting to force their way into a home makes Crowley and Whalen's differing accounts more than moot.

The bigger issue in my mind is the credence given Gates, a known race pimp, and the President of the United States weighing in stupidly before the facts were known. I state again it's the behavior of these last two that is the root cause of Whalen's issues now.


Everyone has blown this out of proportion!

We are humans but sometimes we seem to forget that fact. There is but one race, the human race, everything else is but a variation in appearance based on environmental adaptations. But as long as we are so intent on dividing yourselves up into classifications we will never be united as human beings. We will always be White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, male, female, gay, straight, etc. With all those categories how can we be seen as a whole? What does it matter what race, gender, or orientation the person next to me is? That person is a human being just as I am.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Hey Landis,

Your mamma, don't act so stupidly ya' racist.


"Crowley's account in the police report and Whalen's subsequent words do seem to clash... but I find that only mildly troubling." Of course it's only "mildly troubling" because Crowley isn't a "race pimp" as you so diplomatically refer to Gates.

"Any perceived mistakes by Crowley were dealt with when the Cambridge police department dropped the charges against Gates and when they've repeatedly stated that there are things that might've been handled differently in retrospect." Really? I don't remcall a single statement from the police dept. or Crowley that suggests anything Crowley did could or should have been done differently. Please, enlighten us.

"Given that we now know there were two black men attempting to force their way into a home makes Crowley and Whalen's differing accounts more than moot." Why is it "moot"? Whalen didn't say it. the dispatcher didn't say it. But, somehow, mystically, Crowley figured that out, did he? He's got some mystical transcendent telepathic powers that can "see" what happened before he arrived on the scene? Or did he see a black guy standing in the hallway, and he decided that two black guys did it?


Enjoyed your post, the blog title and artwork. Interesting bio.

Seems that forty years of political branding and ownership of 'issues' has taken its toll. Minority intimidation is
emboldened, rarely is content of character
considered, only color of skin. Challenging aggressive, intimidating behavior is off-limits. So much for tolerance, sensitivity
and diversity of opinion, not to mention 'free speech'.

Mrs. Whalen like many of us appears to be guilt-trained toward advanced self-censorship in the land of the free & the home of the brave.

One need only peruse Department of Justice crime statistics or peek at

I for one will not remain silent or intimidated nor will I allow resentment
to consume me. Together we stand, divided we fall.

Take care.

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