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Monday, July 13, 2009


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Got most of this video in an email this week from a friend. The version I got didn't have the comments at the end by the judges or by Mr. Skinner. It was emotional enough for me the first time; this one, with the "after" stuff...well, once again, I am typing through tears. I hope Mr. Skinner finds a way to keep expressing himself as a musician.


Some of the prejudices based upon class and accent shows itself once again. The judge on the left seems faintly British. I wonder how much of his views are from the aristocratic class system of serfs and nobles, which is still a legacy in Britain.

Course, he's not in Britain any more.

The clothes, the accent, the background, and the attitude of the singer did not give me the impression that he was going to do something silly.

But that's the current climate of America now. People laugh at what is different, in order to justify their support for Obama the car crash, our failing and increasingly ridiculous education system, and so many many others.

The dream of the Founding Fathers is still ongoing. This idea of universal justice and equality under the laws of humanity.

tim aka The Godless Heathen


Good to see ya' visiting our little corner of the world.


I'm not sure this wasn't scripted to match Susan Boyle. Of course, the Susan Boyle phenomenon may have been scripted, too. Am I too cynical???

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