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Thursday, May 14, 2009


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Morgan K Freeberg

I'm so glad we kept that no-nothing hick in her tundra igloo single-wide where she belongs...away from all these big complexificated decisions that really matter. Thank goodness Speaker Nan is here to show us what a mental powerhouse does!

chuck aka xtnyoda

This is simply too painful to really enjoy.

I guess the only word that comes to mind is... repulsive?

And this woman is second in line to become President of the United States of America?


Please keep Obama and Biden safe and well.


Chris Vehr

I'm looking forward to seeing this video played over and over again today in the media.


Nancy Pelosi reminds me of a woman (about 28-yrs) I use to work with.

We were in a high stress sales and marketing unit of a large communications company.

Pat was a perfect example of the "Peter Principle". She had been promoted above her level of competency (ps: She was a very attractive blonde, but I'm sure that had NO bearing on her job status).

When Pat got really rattled she'd runinto the ladies room, lock the door and cry.

After seeing Nancy do her little stutter, stutter, tap dance I'm certain, if a ladies room was in the immediate area she'd have done the same.


Apparently it's not so outrageous; looks like Pelosi was right all along. The CIA WAS lying to Congress. Wonder if folks who excoriated her will now 'fess up & apologize? I'm not holding my breath.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

That article hardly exonerates Pelosi, she could have, and still can, easily prove hear serious allegations but instead she choice to give a bumbling, stumbling press conference that should give any clear headed person pause. Did the video give you confidence she is telling the truth Joe?

Pelosi still has a lot of explaining to do and Panetta’s testimony is unknown especially as far as her specific allegations. Only someone who sits squarely on the side bashing Pres. Bush at all cost no matter the truthfulness of the attack would not give some thought to what Pelosi said versus the evidence, or rather the lack there of, presented.

Not to leave out the obvious partisan equation in all this. See Locutisprime’s post from today in relation to that.

Yes, if the CIA lied, by all means let’s get it out there, that’s what many people were saying, but for Pelosi, a person in her position, to make such an accusation against such a vital organization for our country’s security, and then offer nothing, nada, zip, to back it up is irresponsible to say the least. If that doesn’t bother you than it good to know for future reference where you’re coming from, Joe.

Right Wingers lie, Pelosi is awesome, got it. Damn the evidence and facts, just attack, attack, attack. The hypocrisy is laughable.

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