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Thursday, May 14, 2009


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Nancy Pelosi is the core of the carbunkle called congress, that presently sits squarely and festering on the ass of America IMO.

Many people are looking forward to the midterms of 2010 and envisioning a major reversal of fortune for the republican party.

I am sorry, but I don't see it or sense it. Not yet at least. Times haven't gotten nearly terrible enough for that quantum political shift and besides, the republicans are a leaderless and rudderless ship IMO.

And allowing the likes of Rush Limbaugh the duties of course plotting the party is about like going to the Wizard of Oz seeking fair passage home to Kansas. He has nothing in his velvet bag other than humbug.

And bringing the broom stick of the wicked witch (Pelosi) to the Wizard Limbaugh will meet with about the same result as it did with Dorothy and the rest who fell for the quest.

It's time for American conservatives to begin believing in themselves and their own ability to attain wisdom and courage and heart. And it is equally incumbent on American conservatives to find their own way home.

We need to stop looking for wizards to sustain or save us.

Speaking for myself? I have seen the enemy and it is us.

tim aka The Godless Heathen


I hardly think Rush is leading the Republican Party, he is but a guy on the radio. He obviously is influential but leading?…no, not so much.

How would you explain his hammering of McCain last election? That was hardly what a leader of a Party would do.

Having said that, the party would be better off with him leading, instead of Steele who at this point looks like the wrong choice.

I will agree with “I have seen the enemy and it is us” but I would like to add that literally it is ALL of us. Every one of us who considers themselves Republicans needs to do more and stop sitting around hoping someone else is making the phone calls, canvassing the neighborhood, attending rallies…We all need to do a better job and start getting more involved.

Or…we can just keep having Pelosi, Reid, Murtha, etc. dragging our country down further into the cesspool where they believe it should be.


What's wrong with Rush leading?

Does he enumerate conservative principles clearly and loudly? Yes?

Does he call out all the congressional criminals on their history and evasions and evil? Yes?

Who among the conservatives you know have such a large audience and tells it like it is?


Conservatives sure bitch and moan a lot, but I'm not seeing action in a direct, united way. Instead, they're fighting over supposed "purity" while the whacko liberal wolves with rabies-foamed mouths are circling around and around getting ready to tear the whole thing apart.

I'll say it again - we ruined certain candidates in the last election because of this who would have been strong and firm on the really important stuff like national defense and taxes, because they weren't "pure" enough conservatives on other stuff.

Until priorities are straight, we will continue to see this farce played out with cannons pointing at us, and Pelosi et al will feel justified in making up history as they go along (especially Pelosi who now believes that, like Jesus washing away our sins, Obama will wash away her political indiscretions.

Until you fully comprehend that this is a CULT, and stand firm with people who are on the side of our country instead of sniping and picking like hens destroying a sick sister hen, then you can flap your gums all day long.


Victor Davis Hanson has the best analysis and proscription for conservatives. It's called Why Did Republicans Lose Their Appeal? (And How They Can Get It Back?)

Check it out.

Mike R.

We need to put term limits on Congress. Politicians need to understand when elected that it is a time of service, not a full-time career with benefits.


"We need to put term limits on Congress. Politicians need to understand when elected that it is a time of service, not a full-time career with benefits."

I would hope that term limits and the mindset of service would prevent a lot of the corruption that seems to infect most everyone in Washington, no one seems immune to it. I don't see we the people objecting to that concept, it would be an easy sale but I think we'd find a lot of career minded politicians who'd make sure it would never pass. We'd almost need to elect a whole new set of service minded citizens into office. Do you think we could find enough and do you think we could beat the party machine if we tried?

I heard some very intelligent and inspiring citizens speaking at the tea parties. Very few of the current politicians even bothered to come hear what we had to say. That didn't exactly boost my confidence that they will represent us when they don't even value us enough to listen. I see the tea party crowd being the ones who'd be willing to spend the time and effort and yet the conservative politicians pretty much ignored us.

A third party win would be near impossible to pull off but what choice are they leaving us with? The liberals see this and are working on the divide between those that are seeking to reestablish what conservative values are and those that are wanting to pull more to the left; thinking that is the way to unity. I think the conservatives are sick of luke warm, we want hot and if you are cold, or lukewarm, then call yourself a democrat or socialist or whatever and be done with the party.


I'm intrigued by Locutisprime's continued bashing of Rush Limbaugh.

What specifically is the problem with the man?

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