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Saturday, May 30, 2009


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G M Roper

Carseat: $150.00
Video camera: $375.00
That video: Priceless


That is funny!


Oh, Lord, you are in for it, when she puts that all together into real words. But yes, clearer than any of the girls on The View, or for that matter, Norah O' Donnell.


Makes more sense than President Obama


Doesn't need a teleprompter!


She is utterly adorable.

She'll give Ann Coulter a run for her money.

Toejam nailed it.


The Holy Spirit would be impressed by this little one for trying to speak in tongues! Would He not be? :)


I was thinking maybe head of the dnc also!! Or press secretary. Oh my there are soooo many possibilities!!!!

Gayle Miller

She is a pip! And adorable as well!


My Goddaughter did that when she was tiny. She was so earnest, and so frustrated when we did not understand her important messages!

Rick Smenner

She is a cutie!!


This child is REALLY talking. We just can't understand her yet! :-)

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