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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


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Glenn Beck just read some of the exact story on his radio show just now. Unbelievable. The Sun will be hearing from a few of us today.

Chris Parry

Maggot? Why so?
Just because you don't like the facts doesn't make them not facts. Point out what's incorrect about the piece and I'll correct it. Otherwise you're just yelling in frustration because you don't like what you see.


Oh, Chris. We don't have time for every maggot sucking moonbat dumping his days in some dying newspaper.

We just simply note the froth and although we might like to correct you, we always remember the truth when it comes to Chris Parry: "No. Condom. Thick. Enough."


Chris Dear, I know it's a scary, scary concept to think than average American citizens on a grassroots level, planned and paid for the tea parties all by themselves and you'd rather console yourself by thinking up some right wing conspiracy theory backed by rich folks in a board room and the evil Fox News network.

Do be careful about signing on to those conspiracy theories, next thing you know, Janet will be listing your fears in a left wing extremist alert! Poor Nancy looked positively frightened in her interview talking about the whole tea party affair!

All we had to do was get a permit, the invites were face to face or sent online to our circles of family and friends...who invited their family and friends. We had copy machine programs, only printed 1000 of them and ran out early, and a small number of shirts (donated by a local business person) with the option for people to place orders for more if the turnout called for it.

A local band volunteered, some politicians who are running in 2010 came so we could ask them questions, and we sang some patriotic songs together, had several speakers, most of which had immigrated, legally, from communist countries. They were very passionate about sharing some perspective on what they are seeing happen in their adopted nation.

No one was paid to speak and none of the politicians in office that we invited came. We called them, in mass, from the event and told them how disappointed we were. We didn't serve food and we didn't have need of a litter clean up afterwards either. Most people handmade their signs out of materials from home. There was little need of any funding; no pork needed.

We were in the middle of town and had a lot of people coming and going, heard several say they were there during their lunch hour. Our tea party started at 12 noon and ended at 3 pm. There was a petition line but I didn't sign in because I was listening and recording the speakers on my new video recorder that I haven't figured out how to download, yet. I'm pretty sure others didn't get to sign either, especially those folks who had to get back to work because that line was long the whole time.

If I had to guess, watching people coming and going, it was an easy 3,000 turnout. However, the local papers reported only 1,000 in attendance when we know 1,500 people signed the petition. Other tea party organizers are seeing the same lack of accuracy in how their numbers are being reported. But, I mean, what's 1000 here or there? No big, unless you do that times 800. It's ok, really, we are used to being demeaned by the media.

There were small tea parties and large tea parties in every state. I had a choice of four in my area within a 2 hour driving distance. I found out about the one I attended from Facebook and I googled information on the others. Not all of these tea parties are being counted in the collective. You see, that's the difficulty in trying to assess numbers to grassroots, locally supported events. But that's ok by us, there's nothing to see here, and nothing to be afraid of.

We were so peaceful, we had one policeman walking around smiling and greeting us. I suppose the local police knew that a bunch of law abiding citizens, veterans and all, didn't need all that crowd/riot control stuff.

We have learned that the majority of the mainstream media isn't a concerned citizen's friend anymore. Funny thing, I heard today, a few papers have picked up on this and fired their agenda driven biased editors. It was so sad to hear that Fox News had more viewers yesterday than ALL the others COMBINED plus another 700,000 on top of that!

This is a new leaf for most of us, just about everyone there said they hadn't protested before. You know with that kind of population, you really can't predict what we might be able to do. Apparently, there were a lot more people this time around than at the last tea party events a few months ago, and I'd expect this is only going to grow. There were a lot of my friends that couldn't come and they really, really wanted to be there but jobs are hard to come by right now. Can't wait until we do this on a weekend or a holiday when us tax payers are not busy at work.

Maybe if your paper is still around and you haven't lost your job, you'll get to report on the tea parties planned for the 4th of July. If needed, we could do one before then, now that we know how easy these things are to pull off.

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