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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


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Morgan K Freeberg

During this last week I've noticed this pattern with the President, and American culpability; it's not limited to the one speech to which Krauthammer was referring. There was another presentation the President made at the G20 summit in which He noted that America has more than its share of blame for this "mess we are in" or something. Seems to be an enduring theme.

Like they could all get together and play Monopoly Junior, or strip poker, and out of the clear blue Obama from the USA would say "I'd just like to say I appreciate that such-and-such is America's fault." It's an almost pathological need to drop it into every conversation.

He's President of something...but I think there need to be more questions asked about what He's the President of.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

He's the President OF Obama, healer of the world, denigrator of the United States.

Listen to him when he talks about, rather he tries to talk about what is good about America. Not very convincing, unsure of what he should say, throws out some meaningless blah, blah. You get the feeling he feels he needs to say it but doesn't actually believe any of it.

Sitting in Rev. Wright's church for twenty years has certainly had an affect.

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