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Thursday, April 02, 2009


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I have already been engaged in mortal combat this morning with several Brits over this latest incident that I too blogged on.

Seems that more than a few of them don't care about the presidential FUBARS and missteps. They are more angered that a crass Yank would be trespassing in their patch for any reason.

But yes, how hilarious that our junior G man president, saw fit to include his speeches as a "gift" to the Queen.

I am sure these will wind up in the British version of the national archives under lock and key and sentry.


When it comes to the Heil obamas, purely on their sense of "taste", (I'll leave out the rest of the inherent cesspool that they are), as the adage goes....., "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" more than applies......., but in their case it really is, "you can't polish a turd".


"The World at War" and "Schindler's List" on DVD along with a first edition of "The Diary of Anne Frank"

Oh, my, the Germans?! Couldn't he have found something from their history they would feel honored to receive, and not sadness or remorse? The ipod, all of it is just shameful. I am ashamed of and for Obama.

Morgan K Freeberg

Hey you guys. The paste-eaters at Daily Kos have figured you all out, you're just "pea-shooting" and it shows your desperation.

Isn't it amazing the time and energy leftists invest, both the ankle-biters on the web and the power-brokers under the dome -- in attacking the conservatives that aren't making decisions about anything anymore? It's really astonishing. Consider this:

On a road trip, I wake up to discover the dog is driving the car. Horrified, I reach over and lift the dog by its neck away from the steering wheel, and then slide over so a licensed human can be the one driving the car. What do I do then...

1. Start driving sensibly, veering the car away from ditches, or edges of cliffs, as needed, or...
2. Recite some litany over and over again about how inappropriate it is for dogs to be driving cars. Without touching the steering wheel.

I guess on planet democrat option #2 is the sensible way to go. That must be why I'm not smart enough to live there.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

So let me get this straight, Pres. Obama is very willing to spend trillions of our money on BS but can’t seem to give a decent present to the Queen, or the PM?

Michelle can’t be bothered to curtsy for the Queen but Pres. Obama bows to the Suadi King? WTF!!

Obviously we need to lower, WAY lower, our standards with this uncouth, awkward Eurkle. At this point let’s just be glad he didn’t grap her by the head and give her a noogie.


Actually, on my post I can detect signs of apathy, lower traffic, and weakness from both Wolcott and Kos.

As little as a year ago I could count on a hundred trolling comments in from Wolcott. Now I've barely got around 20.

Kos was good for more, but the comments on the Kos item which even quotes the article are less than the one's on the article itself.

How the mighty are falling.

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