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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

One of the, if not the first time we went back and forth BroKen was a post of your relating to our westerns decadences and the justification for the terrorists actions. This post reminds me of that but yet completely 180 degrees different.

“If you believe in the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, then there is hope of laughter. Otherwise, well, you’re on your own. And that is very sad.”

This type if talk is not that far removed from what we hear out of the caves of the ME. ‘Become a Muslim and you will be spared’, ‘There is only one God, Allah’, ‘All people of the book are infidels’.

Look I’m not saying you shouldn’t believe in your God and as I’ve expressed many times here before I actually understand, at least I think I do, and truly appreciate what the Christian faith means to this country and around the world. I just have a little problem with people of ANY faith testifying that if I’m not part of their belief structure I’m screwed.

Yes, I’m on my own but I’m happy and if you can’t bring yourself to believe that I can’t be happy without your God, while I don’t think that’s sad I just thinks that’s a tad insulting and has the ability to be dangerous.

While I think you’re intentions are good I feel you are actually doing a disservice to your faith. This type of attitude only alienates and turns people off from religion.

BTW, I count in my company for this debate the non Jesus religions such as Buddhist, Hindu’s and the like.



The attitude that BroKen is displaying is essentially the attitude that Jesus and the Apostles displayed. The Truth is the Truth and must be proclaimed. It will either be accepted or rejected. But it should not be silenced because it might turn some people off. If Jesus didn't turn some people off, they wouldn't have crucified him. And most of the Apostles would not have been martyred.

The Christian message calls for outright acceptance or outright rejection. It's not really something that can be "toned down".


tim, you gotta help me understand where you're coming from. But first, let me clarify a bit of what I said.

I do not think you are unhappy. I do think you are going to die. And that makes me sad.

Now, why does that upset you?

tim aka The Godless Heathen


Point taken, though I’ll take your word for it regarding the details.


I’m not upset; on the contrary I believe I was unusually civil and calm. (I’m trying to grow).

I’ll leave open the very real possibility that I did indeed misread or misunderstand your post. But let’s cover something.

“Or does it? Like those stories that end with a question mark, your life’s ending is also up to you. If you believe in the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, then there is hope of laughter. Otherwise, well, you’re on your own. And that is very sad.”

I read that do be that if I don’t “believe in the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth”, which I don’t, then I’ll be unhappy or rather my life/end of my life will be tragic rather than of laughter.


tim, I'm sorry about the "upset." "Bothered" would have been a better word choice. Yes, you were civil and calm and I greatly appreciate that.

Read the whole post again with more attention to what indicates a tragedy and what makes tragedy into comedy.

Then you tell me, will the end of your life be tragic or not? Do you expect or want people to be laughing when you die? Will you be laughing?


I forget who said that life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think.

That attitude is, I believe, a pagan one, in the non-perjorative sense of the word.


gpc31, the quote is from Horace Walpole. I don't agree with it either. But strangely enough, I do like Voltaire's quip, "God is a commedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh."

chuck aka xtnyoda

A few years ago it dawned on me that I had done more, accomplished more, lived more, experienced more, than as a young man I ever dreamed I would have the privilege of living or seeing.

I decided then that the rest of my life was simply "gravy" in our southern vernacular. (That kind of means that the rest is extra, but real good extra!)

BroKen... is there another writing craft called "drama?" That is more where I would categorize my life, and I don't mean "drama queen."

I am prepared to die, and very content with it all.... more than content... grateful.

I have had the privilege of serving the Master.


Chuck, I'm not sure where you are coming from.

"Gravy" is great. Comedy and tragedy are both forms of drama. And drama, I think, is a category for every life.

A friend of mine tells of his struggle coming to Christ in high school. He thought if he gave his life to Jesus, it would be over. Then, comparing his travels around the world as a musician (at the time he told me this, we were working in Costa Rica) with his high school friends who were still working in a factory and never left their county, he, too, was amazed.

Contentment, gratitude, being prepared for death, are essential for us human beings.

Perhaps you are echoing the song by Andre Crouch: "If heaven were never promised to me.... it's been worth just havin' the Lord in my life."

I'm sayin' there's even more "gravy" than we can imagine. And it would be a tragedy to miss it, since that "gravy" is what we were made for.

chuck aka xtnyoda

I guess I'm just rebelling a little against allowing the Greek theater to dictate the whole of literature.

To box literature/life into the Greek theatrical comedy/tragedy framework just doesn't quite fit the Christian life... seems to me.

Ours is neither a comedy, nor a tragedy.

Perhaps we might start another literary type and call it... journey?

God Bless!


Chuck, I guess that would be worth rebelling against. I don't think my post makes Greek theater "dictate the whole of literature."

These are well-known, though perhaps not so well-understood, catagories of stories. Seems to me that the life of Jesus through Saturday night qualifies as a classic tragedy. Would you not agree? But Sunday morning transforms that tragedy into a comedy... the tables are turned, it all works out in the end, all's well that end's well! So, my intent was to highlight that little point of transformation. And as Jesus resurrection turns around His story, it will also turn around ours. That is what I tried to express.

And BTW, the other literary type has been done. Remember the Odysseus?

Yes! God Bless! May your celebration of the resurrection... knock 'em dead!

chuck aka xtnyoda

May your celebration of the resurrection... knock 'em dead!


Christ is risen... He is risen indeed!

Oh, and yes... it was/is quite and odyssey. I like that.


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