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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


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BTW it is for EVERYONE, not just the youth, the mandatory sections from the original bill right before it was passed and were removed and refiled a few days later in a "new" bill HR 1444 which hasn't passed yet that I know of.

You need to look deeper into this bill's agenda...Think Saul Alinsky...and read the bills,again. It's ingenious! How could one remove from the scene all faith supported volunteer programs and their "evil" influence on society?

Why, I know...start a government funded mandatory service program (yes, I know that's unconstitutional - but look at what we've gotten away with already - the people won't revolt) and stipulate that one cannot engage in, speak of, or even be a building used by a faith based organization.

Then we impose enough hours to be burdensome so that even if they wanted to, they wouldn't have enough time leftover in their busy little lives to devote to their beloved programs. Make sure to steer all those poor people that would have benefited from what is the one real hope instead into government dependent carrot on a stick godless programs funded by the tax dollars of the faithful!

Then, we kick them again by reducing their charitable tax deductions! Once they've been starved of time, resources, and people no longer look to them for love and hope, their programs will dwindle into pitiful nothingness while we will busy ourselves with reindoctrinating, I mean, educating, their children in training camps.

Give me a generation and whatever is left will be too old and feable to stop us! (evil laugh fades into the background....)

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