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Monday, March 23, 2009


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Sounds like a plan to me. Especially that 2010 political surge of conservatism part.

Semper Fi and sick em Dawgs!


If conservatives can get over themselves to nominate someone who will resonate and be elected.

Morgan K Freeberg

Palin Petraeus.

The Governor of Alaska is an excellent litmus test against the RINOs who pretend to champion conservative values, but will reliably engage in the "Sarah is stupid" meme so they can score that coveted invitation to the next strawberries-and-champagne brunch in Manhattan. She's a reminder that it's rude and ill-advised to form opinions about the intellect of people you've not yet met. She has to be on the ticket, to demonstrate that Republicans are committed to doing the right thing whether it's popular or not...which, although nobody phrases it this way, is the primary question in peoples' minds.

To raise that middle finger at the people who need it. That may seem childish, but it's heart-attack-serious important here. That's how the left has been controlling what their enemies think & say; Palin is the only "general" around who can drop a MOAB on it.

You could put the General at the top of the ticket, but then the tired old idea-bubble comes floating up...oh look girls, it's a white guy who looks like your dad, and he's going to boss you around and stop you from having abortions. Puh-leeze. Let's not go through it again.

Besides, as Veep, Sarah's number one job is to appear in front of cameras and give speeches in front of a pain-in-the-ass reporter trying to make her look dumb. She's learned a lot about this, but this is going to continue to be her weakness. She is a competent, proven executive, whereas Petraeus, bursting-at-the-seams as he is with all kinds of other useful decision-making talents, is not. Petraeus doing what Cheney used to do? Except...this time there is a political cost involved in calling him Darth-Vader-evil? Now you're talking.

But we have to see where he's at with the other issues. Border? English as the official language? Affirmative Action? War on Drugs? Reading-writing-rithmetic, as opposed to sensitivity training? The Kerry doctrine of stick your head in the sand, hope the bad guys go away? Just because he's a soldier who carried the orders out, doesn't mean I know his position on those orders.

I guess General Powell has made me cynical about this. To those of us who were old enough to pay close attention way back in Persian Gulf War I, Powell's decline has been from a great height, syrupy slow, gradual, steady...and certain.

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