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Monday, March 16, 2009


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chuck aka xtnyoda

Well... this sort of fits our reception back home from Vietnam in those days...

I was seriously hoping that we would receive our current vets with some vestige of respect... I didn't want them to endure what we did... at home...

Of course... having been openly against the war from the start would seem to justify this decision from the white house.

I was wondering what it would take for our government to officially denounce our nations warriors... now I know.

He's pretty good at the "denouncing" thing. He had to "denounce" everyone who helped get him to where he was to be able to run... now he is going to denounce the very class that gave it up for freedom.

Some will be deflated... and understandably so... most with grip their determined resolve to carry on and never surrender.


Semper Fi

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Strange how he didn’t announce this BS down in Camp Lejeune.

Thanks America, well done. You wanted Hope/Change, you’ve got it.


This has me on the verge of tears - both of anger and upset.

My son is back with us, discharged, and is showing some evidence of at least PTS if not PTSD (there is a difference). He also has some lingering physial effects that he has documented with the VA and needs to be followed.

I can't even start to get into how this made me feel let alone what I want to do about it.

He gladly took on these responsibilities and their bad effects. He needs his country to stand by him. His family will. His friends and church will. But there are some things only other warriors can guide him through.

*shutting up now because otherwise I'll become rather emotional*


Oh, and tell Mrs. BH from me that the best of men sometimes do the necessary cursing so we don't have to.

chuck aka xtnyoda

I won't say what I want to say Mommynator... except to say...


If there is anyone who will be heard on this it will be our warrior's Moms... you are a veteran also... you gave your son and you deserve to be heard.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

What Chuck said.

Mommynator, I hope your son gets the help he neeeds,deserves and is ENTITLED to.

I'm pissed off and can only imagine how upset you are. Fight the good fight.

chuck aka xtnyoda


OK... I've taken the time to get over my initial anger... it has steadily evolved into somewhat of a personal RAGE... so I share...

Our Mothers were made to shut-up during Vietnam. Their sons and daughters were castigated as criminals so they were forced to be silent... if not down right embarrassed and ashamed their child served. (thank you liberal democrats and msm)

Three months after I was released from active duty my Mother had to have emergency colon surgery... her colon had literally ruptured and she nearly died. Then there were the two follow up surgeries after the initial one. Her whole life has been GREATLY diminished as a result.

Why did that happen to her? I know why. She struggled with the intense trauma of fearing every ringing of the telephone that the news would come that no mother wants to hear. For an entire year.

It was not until I was home that her body could... relax... but the stress...stress that had to be swallowed... had taken it's toll. I can't of course prove that... but I know that is true.

Don't let them do that to you. Even if you can't change this... don't drive these emotions inward... say something to someone... like your congress person.

You will be healed.


Chuck, thank you for your concern and kind words.

During both deployments, I've been very blessed to have been surrounded by people who got it - family, friends and co-workers. I did not have to carry the anxiety alone. I'm still not carrying it alone.

But my Man of a son is not going to be running to Mommy to talk about what he did or faced or suffered over there. He's not the type to do that. He shares very little with his Dad and his friends, too.

But a Mom knows when her kid is suffering something or other.

I don't care if he has to use the VA system to talk to someone about whatever it was over there. I'll be glad that he talks to SOMEONE. I want that to be there.

And not just for him, but for every son and daughter and mother and father and sister and brother and friend that has been over there and seen things we can't imagine (you can), and done things they never thought they'd do.

His pastor's a good man, but I'm not sure he's going to quite get it.

I have no doubt in my mind that your mother's tragedy was stress induced. I was only an older child/adolescent during the whole Vietnam thing and I just didn't understand it at all. None of it. Something was wrong somewhere and nobody was making any sense of it. I can only begin to imagine an inkling of what your mother suffered worrying about you and having nowhere to go and no one to share with. Women in general need to share stuff with their girlfriends - but what if your girlfriends will take things the wrong way?

I'm sure you made her proud, though, whether she could share that or not.

chuck aka xtnyoda

She kept every letter I wrote to her.

A few years ago I went through them.

We were great liars. "No worry Mom. Boring as hell over here. We are in a secure area..."

I've never asked her if she believed me.

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