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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


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The bottom line, they all had their fingers in the pie that caused all this. But the democrats finger wagging of the past two years has been a bit more than most people can bear under the reality of their own involvement and continued involvement.

And now the real unvarnished shite is beginning to drip from the Obama facade daily.

The messianic one's immediate downfall will be this economy and all that he has done and is doing to make it worse via his socialist policy riders.

Obama received over $100,000 in campaign contributions from AIG and his selection of secretary of the treasury of Tim Geitner is beyond appalling. Therefore, there is more than a bit of pot, kettle, black going on in this shite storm.

Here is a guy (Geitner) who is revealed cheating on his taxes during his senate confirmation hearing? And his excuse was to blame his own failure to understand a software program on "Turbo Tax?" And this is the guy supposedly fixing the broken American economy!

Anyone other than me happen to remember that it was Gietner who was the head of the NY treasury that was called in, consulted and allowed Lehman Brothers to fail causing half of this crap to begin with?


We didn't hire AIG to watch over our tax money. We hired the government. The government owns AIG to the tune of 80%

The real people we should blame:

J David

So far I have not read one single article, in right-leaning, or the drive-by MSM, what Rush has been saying for days, that these bonuses were "retention bonuses" to keep these execs who are about to lose those jobs, working on company business, as per contractual obligation, until they are out on the street with the rest of the unemployed. This is all a propaganda ploy, by a fascist administration HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL in achieving its own aims(revolution) so far.

If these people had not had provision made to keep them on in interim transitional positions during the massive cutbacks, these companies would ALREADY HAVE COLLAPSED COMPLETELY, bailout or not. Fannie and Freddie execs will be getting comparable bonuses next month, but who is talking about that?

J David

The commie-lib Dems are not "reeling", they are on a success track(success in communizing the USA)and they are entirely in control, any "embarrassment" is entirely feigned, as they are utterly without morals(all *morals* are merely "relative" to their minute-by-minute situations). All of the old templates in our society have changed...time to wake up!

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