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Friday, February 27, 2009


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Its hard to accept the daily dose of shit that is coming our way. They are counting on the fact that they can get it all through before the American people react and counting on the press to help them on this journey. I am so mad that it is hard for me to function in my normal life because the country I have lived in, served for in the military, and paid taxes to for over 45 years is being taken down the tubes and destroyed not from outside, but from inside and you feel powerless. They simply do not care if you call, send emails, or protest. They even shut off any emails that do not originate from their home district. This all is an obvious move to lock in votes of a lower class with very little education by giving them entree to our country and a lot of goodies. This tied to their other idiotic perverted supporters can give them a majority to hold power for decades. This is the Hugo Chavez style of socialist government in Venezula. all he has to do is keep taking property away from one group and feeding it out to others and he keeps getting their votes.


How old is this footage?


If you look at the scrolling trailer on the bottom of this Lou Dobbs piece, you will see that the timeline is early 2007. It talks about the Asian markets booming, oil at $65 a barrel, and comments on president Bush. It is certainly not current as one would have you believe. Play the piece again, and read the bottom trailer, and see that you are not commenting on what you think you are.


Upon thinking more about this "piece," I am amazed how Americans are being dumbed down by both the sides of the aisle. I also got this piece in an e-mail sent by the "forward" crowd, who in their jump-to-conclusion mind set, want to believe what they're conditioned to believe. If one really looks at the evidence, this is a repudiation of president Bush, as it was clearly recorded in 2007 - and has nothing to do with the current administration. It only takes a close look at the evidence, reading the scroll below Dobbs' oration for about 20 seconds, to make this conclusion. But as Simon & Garfunkel said so eloquently in their song the Boxer: "A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."

Gerry Cates

Clip is from May 23, 2007. Lookm it up. Ya'll want some brutally honest info.
Amnesty has a real dictionary DEFINITION! Webster’s 1828…”An act of oblivion; a general pardon of the offenses of subjects against the government, or the proclamation of such pardon. “ From the Greek root word from whence we get the word AMNESIA, a forgetting. Amnesty is like “Salvation BY Grace Alone, not by works…” GW Bush was on the right track with his immigration bill. It was a SALVATION BY WORKS bill. But noooo, you racist dumb-asses foamed and frothed at the mouth until you drove a voting block of hard working pro-life, pro family Mexican Citizens into Obama’s Camp. Happy now? Keep your eyes open when you drive around and see how many white guys are doing the pick and shovel jobs. Oh yeah the Unions hate a little hard working competition. We have aborted millions of babies that would be in the work force by now helping pay taxes for us baby-boomers. I say sign them up, fine then, put them at the back of the line for citizenship. Salvation by WORKS. But now that will not happen because of the idiots screaming about wet backs who for the most part simply have been crossing the border for generations, gutting our chickens and doing our shit jobs. Now “Hussan” and his crowd get to make the rules. There can not be “sort of” a amnesty plan. By definition that would be like saying sort of dead. I bet the Damn labor unions started this dishonest piece of crap by Loo In the Unions pockets Dobbs.

Gerry Cates

Opps! I meant to say MEXICANS that are US Citizens.

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