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Thursday, December 18, 2008


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Michael Tefft

I love it. Great challenge. I have heard the leftists complain that they won't debate with someone who is 'close-minded.' What they are really saying is that they don't want discussion or to hear the other side. Their own closed views of things keep them warm at night. Keep up the fight. The truth is out there.


What they're saying that the fact that the corn that should be used to feed human beings and the animals they use for food isn't sexy enough of a crisis.

After all, we're only talking about African children over there somewhere. I mean, who cares about those people we can't see? They don't contribute to our sense of entitlement, our luxury, our comfort or anything else we pursue here.

They only make us uncomfortable because if we feed them with the corn for our gas guzzling SUVs, we'll be feeling guilty about something Jesus actually told us to do - relieve the orphans and widows and heal the sick and bring them all to the bountiful table of God's love and provision.

Nope, we can't have that.

Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fish

I freely boast to being a green lefty or whatever the term is. And I have to tell you that I fully agree with the cartoon. Not only that, but most of the environmentalists and green bloggers I know would also agree with it. I don't know anyone in my sphere promoting corn-based fuel. We are advocating cutting consumption period.

My blog is about plastic -- the problems with plastic and ways to reduce our consumption and waste. I am not a proponent of corn-based disposable plastics or any other food-based disposables. I think we need to drastically reduce our dependence on all disposable products in the first place -- whether petro-plastic, bio-plastic, metal, wood, or paper. They all require materials and energy to produce, and we are just wasting our resources as if none of it is of value.

The religious greenies that I know feel that God made this world for us to protect, not to waste. Would you agree?


And just who are you talking to?

And you've got some nerve being vile yourself while accusing others of the same.

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