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Monday, November 17, 2008


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In a just world that's the way it would work. Too bad this isn't a just world.


Well, maybe they will finally become informed on exactly what it was Obama said during the general election. Since they obviously didn't listen nor did they have simple math skills to conclude that his 95% tax cut would have consequences to small businesses who employee about 50% of the population.


Bbbbbbut he's going to pay our mortgages and gas!

This was the most frustrating thing about talking to the true believers who couldn't name one thing he'd done or accomplished, what he really believed, his policies or anything else.

Just the magic of his presence is required, I guess.


Thats a good idea. That way they can also benefit from the jobs they claim he'll make.

Your the problem

So you would have kept those employees and kept losing money as a failed CFO if McCain was elected? This blog should be called Brutally Horse shit.

Morgan K Freeberg

Right, whenever it's necessary for a company to lay people off, they only issue pink slips to the folks who've been losing them their money all along.

Who's the horseshit?

Personal experience beats out your sarcasm and thin, washed-out propaganda. I know of one. He spent two years dishing out his crap, "Oh there's just something about him, I can't explain it, he's a lighterworker" blah blah blah...voted for Him...stock market went to crap...he got laid off. That's one guy I know who voted away his own job. There are probably millions more, by the end of next year.

Truth hurts.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

“So you would have kept those employees and kept losing money as a failed CFO if McCain was elected?”

I don’t see anywhere in the post where it states that the business is failing. Actually the man is acting prudently by thinking ahead and taking action to prevent damage to his business. The exact opposite of what you accuse him of.

BTW, what are you qualifications regarding what constitutes running a successful business?

Lastly, are you disputing Obama’s plan to raise taxes on businesses or just mouthing off?

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