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Saturday, October 11, 2008


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Let's see if I got this right.

A Palin family member breaks rules/laws and abuses his authority.

Instead of rewarding him with promotion, money or anything else, the Palin family makes sure his ass gets fired, and uses their influence to make sure he's fired so he a.) stops breaking rules/laws, and b.) doesn't cause any more embarassment to the family.

What exactly is the problem?


The employment was "at-will". That is independent of the investigator's finding that Palin abused her office and the public trust. The abuse was not whether or not she fired Monegan, but whether or not she pressured those under her and abused her executive powers in her campaign to do so.

The report is clear that she did. Also, this investigation was initiated by Republicans, not Democrats. There are ethical Republicans, lest we forget.


I'm not sure what is contradictory. Palin has the legal right to sack people, but doing this on shakey grounds could be seen as an abuse of power.


ceebee, that would be summarized by, damned if you do, damned if you don't especially if you're a republican and more particularly, if you're Sarah Palin.


Undeclared registered voter here. Let’s see: Judicial Council of mostly REPUBLICANS started investigation BEFORE McCain picked her and she agreed to it…”hold me accountable”…she said, then McCain picked her and immediately it became a Partisan witch hunt, cooperation stopped, stonewalling began, suits to suppress were filed but were rejected by REPUBLICAN judges, then report was reviewed by 8 REPUBLICANS and 4 Democrats…and the vote was UNANIMOUS 12-0 to accept the conclusion that Sarah Palin abused her power as Governor to try to get Wooten fired…a violation of Alaska ethics law…use of Governor’s Office to settle personal vendetta. In what political universe is it deemed that an investigation sanctioned by a mostly REPUBLICAN panel, ruled valid by REPUBLICAN judges, and approved as valid by 8 REPUBLICANS and only 4 Democrats is considered a biased investigation against a Republican? If that is your universe then I am afraid you are seriously delusional. As for the trooper needing to be fired. He went through the disciplinary process and was held accountable and disciplined way before Palin became governor. Case closed. No one is entitled to come along later and re-open a case just because they didn’t like the result. New cause of action is needed and only the new cause of action should be considered not just go back to dirt from years back and already considered. You would want that if it was your job being reviewed and so would I. By the way, I am still voting for McCain even though he has changed into a serial liar and Palin is the most dangerous thing that could happen to our country. Why? First, I will not ever vote for a black man in the White House. More importantly, I believe our country is now just too rotten to the core and absolutely needs to be destroyed for the good of the world. McCain/Palin are perfect to complete the job. Besides, I am not worried…the Rapture will prevent me from suffering any of the destruction.

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