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Saturday, October 18, 2008


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Bates Electric

I hope all this goes away.


One tiny little clarification...Rezko was an indicted felon when Obama's shady real estate deal was conducted, but he is now a convicted felon (but only on 16 of the 24 charges!)


I hear he's also a fan of Nickelback.

Peggy McGilligan

It’s not that I want to punish your success; it's just that while you're out working hard, we've got people ... who don’t have any money. Now, if you take 16, and divide it by 32, add 9, and square it by the root of the hypotenuse, ah you’ll pay less with my tax plan. Don't quote me on that, um you might pay a little more; that is unless of course you divide by 6, add 8, and subtract 3. Now ten years ago, if you’d been enrolled under my plan … is it hot out here?

But thanks for the question. Say, I've got to get out of here. I've got a debate to prepare for. Hey, I respect what you do. Anyway, how many plumbers do you know who make a quarter-million dollars a year? (My plumber does.) Now if Joe the Plumber’s employer gets overtaxed, Joe might lose his job. But for the job Obama wants, he’s got to do more than tackle the local plumber. And, so far he hasn’t done that. Woe unto the Democrats: the plumbers givith, and the plumbers taketh away, amen. What is past is prologue:

John Galt

Bravo! Well done!


> I hear he's also a fan of Nickelback.

Well, that does give new meaning to
Look What Your Money Bought...

Krys S

The guys was just asking a question about the economy, and the questioned pertained to all of us. The media had to turn him into a monster, didn't it. The press will even make the easter bunny look bad. Hmm lets se what they'll write:

Had a rift with Christ over Christ's winning the popularity contest with Christians

Sided with commercial companies to increase the price of chocolate eggs (rumor has it that the bunny is being given 10% of profits)

Had an affair with Bugs Bunny's wife, and produced Buster Bunny, star of Nickolodeans Looney Toons.

was the person behind Christs execution. He was the louded voice on "Crucify Him". Yes the press has actually covered a photo of the Easter Bunny actually being disguised in the crowd with a thumbs down sign!

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