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Thursday, October 23, 2008


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I had to submit 6 forms of id to get my drivers license renewed, two of which, my birth certificate and marriage license, had to be requested from my home county, certified, dated and stamped as copies from the original as the copies I had didn't have a seal on them. I had to pay $30 to get them and wait for them to be mailed, couldn't be digital copies and they still gave me a hard time. I've had a drivers license in the state for 20+ years and a passport and a social security card! HOw is it that he is running for president and isn't required to show his vaulted birth certificate, especially considering his unique history? All kinds of theories are out there on the why not, all I know is something isn't right or he would have released those records without a second thought.


Several things. First, Obama traveled to Hawaii alone. Why didn't his wife and children go with him to visit his ailing grandmother? This raises a red flag.

Secondly, why are all the online photos of Obama and his grandmother taken together 25-30 years old? Are they really close?

Thirdly, a Chiciago investigative team has been in Hawaii, loosely called "Hawaii Five-O" and there was a press conference yesterday in Honolulu. It was exposed that Barack Obama is really the son of Frank Marshall Davis!

Last but not least, as concerned Americans, we must press this issue and find out who Barack Obama really is since he is running for President of the United States. Obama must be pressed to release his original "vault" birth certificate.

Frank Marshall Davis was a member of Communist Party USA and if his son is running for President, this is the information ALL Americans must know about.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

More interesting news via Savage -

The Pennsylvania Democrat who has sued Sen. Barack Obama demanding he prove his American citizenship – and therefore qualification to run for president – has confirmed he has a recording of a telephone call from the senator's paternal grandmother confirming his birth in Kenya.

The issue of Obama's birthplace, which he states is Honolulu in 1961, has been raised enough times that his campaign website has posted an image purporting to be of his "Certification of Live Birth" from Hawaii.

But Philip J. Berg, a former deputy attorney general for Pennsylvania, told the Michael Savage talk radio program tonight that the document is forged and that he has a tape recording he will soon release.

"This has been a real sham he's pulled off for the last 20 months," Berg told Savage. "I'll release it [the tape] in a day or two, affidavits from her talking to a certain person. I heard the tape. She was speaking [to someone] here in the United States."

Read the rest, make up your own mind.


you guys are freaks. you should be investigating palin and her long trail of dirt and trash.

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