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Friday, October 17, 2008


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tom arnall

the author's pontification on the style and grammar of Obama's UI piece is largely incorrect and completely pedantic, and paints a powerful picture of a pathetic little man, who thinks that the rest of the world should conform to his half-baked ideas. unfortunately the heritage of conservatism in the country seems fast becoming the property of such creatures.

Nick R.

It's called personification. You can give it to abstract ideas, so organizing can face whatever it wants. I just rolled my eyes when I read, "the evidence suggests" in the paragraph immediately following. Somewhere there is a pot hurling racial epithets at a kettle.

Michael Flowers

I find it interesting when critics paint themselves in a corner by their own lack of proof reading. For instance, in the above critique, the current blogger writes, "... and he did not so not by tutoring Obama, but by rewriting his text."

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