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Saturday, September 20, 2008


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I don't even have to read the text, the cartoon says it all. To which I will say "ain't it the truth!"

My wife has been in banking for 35 years and has seen it. No one has paid attention but now they will. Only difference will be the same thing and reasons that got us here, will not be abandoned.


The only people who will profit from this whole mess are the people who STAY CALM. They will snap up stocks at low prices and sit on them until they rise again. They will buy up all the foreclosed homes and renovate and wait and then sell them at handsome profits.

People who panic will be the victims of the people who will use that panic to their advantage.

This is a case where using common sense and honesty will prevail.


I keep seeing George Bailey calming his scared customers. "We can get through this thing if we all stick together. Potter owns the bank and he won't quit until he owns everything else in this town."

Common sense, honesty, decency and wisdom to know who you can trust. That is what we need.


Ah, thanks for making me remember "It's A Wonderful Life."

If we acted more like them than like the chickens with their heads cut off, we'd come out of this better.

Artorios Rex

You can read up on that painfully short-sighted and ultimately catastrophic legislation here:

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