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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


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Mrs. B.H.

In my opinion, from dealing with them personally, I have never seen such a set of liars, cheaters and connivers in my life....did I mention the word liars?...bold your face liars. Think any news people would want to expose this?


I think most local TV news stations have a team that adores this type of story - they cackle, rub their hands and salivate over them.

Here in NYC, every last major channel has a team like this. They shock me with their chutzpah in going after miscreants like this, but they do get results.

You have nothing to lose - give it a shot.

tim aka The Godless Heathent

Car dealers are like whores, one you get screwed by the other you get f@#ked.


Number 3 out of 13 million Google hits...


I've called each of the dealers and asked them to go to Google...


Hmm... it gets better...

Currently 3 out of 115 million...

And after my lunch time calls today to each dealer apprising them of the Google ranking, we get a call stating that things will be taken care of by noon tomorrow...

I'll keep you posted... we've been down this road before...


Brutally Honest - I have some more questions about the Nation Auto Group, but can't email you directly - apparently my computer isn't set up right....
any chance you can email me directly?

tim aka The Godless Heathen

There ya' go Rick, just like Mommynator said.

BTW, she use to work in my hometown in upstate NY. Excellent reporter (and easy on the eyes).

See everyone on Mon., going out west, Cali., for a couple of days. Don't have too much fun while I'm gone.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Rick, did you ever get in touch with the TV reporter, Jessica Weinstein, who commented on the original post?


I tried Tim... to two different e-mail addresses... no reply as of yet...



I have also been victimized by Nations Auto. My car was purchased in October of 2007. I had problems with the car a week after driving it off the lot and it has been a problem ever since. The engine light is on now!!! The Better Business Bureau needs to be informed about this organizations. They are just a bunch of liars and thieves. I support anyone willing to shut them down.


I’m a regional airline pilot. I don’t make much money. My career is a long and difficult one. I’m on the road a lot and only average around 200-250 miles a month yet after only 3 months the vehicle started to overheat. I took it to a mechanic and they said the thermostat was going bad and needed to be replaced. I had purchased the extended warranty through Nation Auto yet this wasn’t covered. That was an instant $1500 out of an already slim pocket. While the mechanics were working on the engine they pulled me into the shop and showed me that the engine blocks had been replaced before and that there were signs of excessive wear. Not being a mechanic myself I didn’t know to look for this. I trusted that doing the search on the vin# would show everything. It told me I was getting a perfectly good used vehicle when in reality I wasn’t. The dealer lied to me. There was evidence that they had “rigged” it to work the best they could. Now the cruise control doesn’t work and the back window doesn’t roll down. The engine block is currently leaking oil into the coolant which means I have a very major issue coming up. I’ve put roughly 5000 miles on it total. I’ve followed all MX procedures. The mechanic said this vehicle had been worked on several times, was in a wreck, and was essentially a lemon that no one selling the vehicle could have missed. In the grand scheme of things I was ripped off. I can’t afford a new vehicle and don’t know what I’m going to do which is why I’m writing you. I’d like to hear your experience and know what legal actions you’ve taken. I spoke directly with Tony there who emailed me a few times. I’d like to try and get my money back and have this vehicle returned. With only 5k miles on it since purchase I should not have to put several thousands of dollars into it to keep it running. Please contact me if you have anything to offer. I’d appreciate any help.


To anybody who wants to join in on a lawsuit with this company, please Contact me via email at I dealt with the Nations Auto in Marlow Heights I have bought a car from there on March 31 2009. The next day, my engine light came on. I have taken my car back 3 times. Each time the "fixed it" only for it to come on the next day. The 4th times i took it back I spoke to the manager and was told that the car wasnt their problem anymore as it was in my name. He was very rude and tried to make it seem like everything was my fault. The worker T. Was a liar. Also, my insurance was going through them. After supposedly speaking to a representative from the insurance company, I find out 2 1/2 weeks later that they have never heard of me and my name is not in their system. So I have been riding around unknowingly with no insurance. and everytime i contact them, they tell me that they are going to handle it that day. It has yet to be handled. I plan on taking this to court and bringing this information from any news station that will listen!!!!!


I did a little of investigating and it turns out that Nations Auto has 22 complaints to the Better Business Bureau. Only 7 have been answered. I am about to be number 23.


I believe I have fell victim to Nations Auto.

I recently purchased a vehicle from Nations Auto Marlow Heights/Temple Hills, on St. Barnabus Road.

The vehicles price was listed on the internet as $8,995. This was the price of the vehicle all the way up to the settlement.

During the signing of the papers, I was told by both the manager and the salesman that the finance company I will be getting my loan through, charges a 20% fee upfront. That fee was in the amount of $1,899.00.

I thought that this seemed odd at first, but decided to go ahead with it. There is a story around that.

In October 2008, I purchased a vehicle that was unfortunately totaled in January 2009. It was the other persons fault, so the vehicle was paid in full, I do not owe any money, the fianance company actually owes me, but I am stating this because this is the reason why I thought that the finance company I was using this time wanted their interest money up front (the 20%, that Nations Auto told me I had to pay).

Well, come to find out, the finance group did not ask for this fee. After reviewing my bill of sale more closely, I realized that the 20% fee I paid, in the amount of $1,899, was actually tacked onto the price of the car. That's right, On the Bill of Sale, it states that the purchase price for the vehicle is $11,116.64. Which means, the $1,899 was not imposed by the finance company(which later on was confirmed). This means that $1,899 that Nations Auto claims was imposed by the finance company was not given to the finance company, rather added onto the original sale price of $8,995.

I lose out twice because not only did Nations Auto get me for $1,899, the finance company believes that the car I purchased was for $11,116.84, I now have to pay much more on a loan. It states that the loan amount I am financing throught the bank is $7116,64. How is this when the car I purchased was $8,995 and I gave the dealership $4,000 in cash. Even with taxes, tags, and title fees, the car would not amount up to 11,116.84.

I have attempted to speak with the manager on several occasions and he will not return my phone calls. I plan on seeking legal action. If anyone would like to share a story or is already seeking action please let me know. After reviewing everyones comments I believe that the local television stations and newspapers would be interested. Please continue research and posting any new information that you may have about these crooks.

Please email me at (primary email), or




I bought a car from Nation Auto of Manassas. And wow did I get taken for a ride. I purchased the car in July 2008 and it is currently July 2009 and I have yet to recieve my registration or my carfax I requested. The bank inwhich I financed through also has yet to see the title. Come to find out that the one owner car i thought i was buying turned out to be wreck and a theft recovery..making it not worth anywhere near worth what I am paying. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau on the matter and Nations Auto never contacted them. I also called Dealerboard, D & V Law enforcement along with numerous police depts. No luck. I recently hired a lawyer Gary Fuller..hopefully he has better luck then any of us have seem to. Any questions feel free to email me at


Good luck to you cs... I hope your lawyer can find a way to make these crooks pay...

Mr. Road Traffic Law in Scotland offers free consultationsAs the first road traffic specialist lawyers in Scotland please see this video to realise our service is not just for the rich and famous


What a joke is all i have to say! There new # is 240-619-3500 and for some reason when I call everyone is "new" and cannot answer my questions.

Alyx Frost

We got an offer from nations auto of temple hills and not to sure what to think reading all these comments..... Can these people really have this many problems or is it a case by case situation...

We have an appt there today and they say no money down and we can walk with the car we want.........

Please help.....does anyone know of anywhere legit that could assist us? We live in the Silver Spring area...


tim aka The Godless Heathen


I know little more about Nat. Auto other than what is written here but this should, and it sounds like it has, give you pause.

Any dealer who offers something which sounds too good to be true, (“no money down and we can walk with the car we want” ) I would run, not walk, away from.

Check with the local Better Business Bureau.

Tread carefully.

Lenora Terrell

Purchased vehicle from Nation Auto several years ago. Had no immediate problems with the vehicle. I traded it in with another dealer which turned out to be a lemon. I am now on the market for another vehicle. Tried to contact Nation Auto without success. im my search I come across these disturbing sories. As I look back now I knew I was drastically overcharged but the need for a vehicle was sooo great I sucuumed to the extreme interest rate. It would be great to recoup damages done to my pocket for what I now see was a fact. I WAS RIPPED OFF! I am willing speak up regarding this matter.


The Nation Auto in Marlow Heights is under new ownership, and had no affiliation with the one located in Manassas. I currently work for the location in Maryland and have not witnessed bad business conduct. The Abassi faimly does own the dealership in Manassas, and yes the above names are working at that location.


Yea you would say that, how much of the money that they are STEALING from hard working people are you putting in ur dam pocket, i am not going to stop, you guys have gotten over the wrong damn people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everyone that has gotten RIPPED OFF by these animals. lets all get together and practice oue first amendment right, i believe somebody will hear us out then


Selling Practices (9 complaints)
1 Resolved
7 Company did not respond
1 The company could not be located or is out of business
Service Issues (1 complaints)
1 Company did not respond
Credit or Billing Disputes (2 complaints)
1 Company did not respond
1 The company could not be located or is out of business
Delivery Issues (2 complaints)
2 Resolved
Refund Practices (3 complaints)
1 Resolved
2 Company did not respond
Product Quality (3 complaints)
1 Resolved
2 Company did not respond
Contract Disputes (7 complaints)
4 Company did not respond
3 The company could not be located or is out of business
Guarantee or Warranty Issues (7 complaints)
5 Company did not respond
2 The company could not be located or is out of business
Repair Issues (9 complaints)
1 Resolved
6 Company did not respond
2 The company could not be located or is out


I went to the Nation Auto office in Manassas, VA. Let me start by saying I may be female but I am not dumb enough to pay 6500 dollars for a 97 Saturn. The cash price was 2500. They proceeded to tell me the 4000 extra dollars was financing. I then told the butt monkey there, that was the sale price because the financing charges are listed as well, then he proceeded to tell me the financing was sales which I pointed out was also listed. Then he said they were going to get me a real good deal. I know a couple things about cars, and I know the 2006 Cobalt I looked at has a slip in the transmission. The salesman was at least good enough to tell me. They do not do emissions or inspections, that is the purchasers responsibility. I am very grateful the car I was considering purchasing was taken to auction. I did not get screwed with a lemon.

V B.

For anyone trying to get satisfaction, especially since the Alexandria location has shut down. I know where they went. I am working on getting the right people to investigate.


I am a victim of Nation Auto Of Manassas. I just bought a car in March. The engine light never went off. I went to car shop many times. After 1.5 month, the motor broke down. I went to dealer and found out they replaced the motor. The motor was not orginal. They failed to tell me when the time I bought the car.

My five yrs warranty didn't cover my car until June. Which means after 30 days warranty from dealer, nobody covers my car for two months!!! But contact said warrant should effected by the date I bought the car.

I went to dealer and ask for money back, they said NO! I said I want to exchange another car, I don't trust this car no more, manager said ok at first time. After we picked another car, he change his words, and tell me I will lose couple thoundsand dollars because I trade in my car.

I Retunred Defective Car, Not Trade In!!! They failed to work with me and they waste all my time! Now my car is been sitting my home for over a month, I am still paying for that car. But I found a lawyer and file a case to against them, hopefully I will have a good news. They sell bad car with higher price (compare with car max).

Please be aware and don't fall for their 100% credit approval. They change your income fact and cheat bank or whoever to sign you in ( they told me if I got a call, lie to the person who call me said I am a part time teacher, had two jobs) and they charge you max interest. I remember when I bought my first car without any credit, Toyota in Tysons charged me 16% interest. Nation Auto in Manassas charged me 24%. If I am lucky get my money back, I will take my mom to Car Max or Tysons, let her sign the car for me for lower interest. Don't go to Nation Auto if you want to have a happy buying!


Well i got some news for you guys out there.



I just bought a truck from Nations Auto. However I am finding that they are terrible. I have been having problems the first week. Liars, Liars, Rip-offs and more. It's sad. Looking for a lawyer.

William Jones

What has happened is that Nation Auto of Manassas on Centerville Rd has shut down and relocated up the street on Liberia. Theses people are rip-offs. They will make you feel like you are thier family and that you can be worry free, in fact they make buying a car from them sound so easy. I bought a BMW 7-series from them, good price BUT high miles. I was worried that high milage for a bmw would bring lots of problems and issues so i also bought a $2500 warrenty from them. After 3 days of driving around (work to home & back 15miles) all the warning lights in the car poped out brake,abs,airbag,check engine,& etc. Not knowing what was going on i went home as fast i could parked the car and checked around it engine,brakes, so on. Everything seemed fine but the lights were still on, it was late so i planned to call the dealer in the morning. i Called the next day and after being transferred from person to person finally i got in touch with a Manager(RUDE. did not have a cule about anything) he went on saying that you have bought the car AS-IS and we cant do anything about it. So i gave up on them and called the warrenty i have boughten, turns out that they dont have any records of my car in their system. So i call NATION AUTO back and once again i am told that the person in charge of their warrenties is on vaction and will not be back till the end of the month (current date was May 16th) so they told me to wait. After waiting almost two weeks i call again and they say that he will add my car to the warrenty company by 5pm. So around 7 i call the warrenty company, turns out that this $2500 warrenty is BULLSHIT they dont cover anything.!!!! So i deicde to take the car to BMW of Fairfax i had to pay $1500 in repairs. When i picked my car up from the bmw dealer they told me that the frame was bent and the car is most likely a slavage car. At the time when i bought the car the salesperson told me the car was a ONE OWNER LEASE TURN IN, which turned out to be a lie. When i checked the CARFAX it should that the car was a Slavage it had been in a wreck from the front end & air bags were depolyed. Now i have lemon for a car. I paid $17,000 for the car $2,500 for the warrenty $1,500 for repairs and $300 for a rental car. I paid $21,300 for a car that wasnt worth $15,000. THEY ARE LIERS THAT LIE IN YOUR FACE THEY ARE VERY FRIENDLY WHEN THEY WANT YOUR MONEY BUT AFTER THAT THEY COULD CARELESS ABOUT YOU OR YOUR PROBLEMS. I HAVE GOTTEN A LAYWER AND ARE GOING TO SUE THEM!!!!!!!


I agree that they rip people off. I am newly 18 and pregnant with my first child. I am 5 months and needed a car to get back and forth to work. I was told i could get a decent deal on a car, and being a first time car buyer i was a little lost. When i asked for one of the dealers to explain the paper work he lied to me completely. ontop of that they gave me a car that was a piece of SH*T. The transmission was screwed up and because of it I almost got into an accident (thank god for mine, my babies sake and the other 2 ppl that would have been involved, i didnt) but i spent 8 hours combined in their auto body shop right off centerville rd where they said they were fixing the problem and didnt. yes i may have been nieve and as an 18 year old first time car buyer who has no one to explain to them the paper work i can understand a mishap. But for a company to take advantage of an 18 year old pregnant girl. F**K THEM! i took the car back 6 days later. NEVER AGAIN!!!


Please contact me on my email
I am fighting in court since April 2010. The manassas shop that moved from centreville rd to liberia ave took my $1000, fudged the contract figures and then stole my car 5 days later and refused to give me a refund. They never showed up in court and I won a judgement for $7000.00. I had to garnish money from their bank account, now Wachovia claims that Abassi who has Abdul Khan as the registered agent went bankrupt. Noorzad Khan is the president. Notice both are named Khan.
Noorzad Khan took over in Dec. 2009.
I purchased the car they stole back on Dec. 31, 2009. They put Abbassi on the contract knowingly, expecting to get away with the fraudulent contract.
I need help from media & an attorney & law enforcement please.
My email:

BC Jenkins

i wish that I had seen this blog Friday. I bought a car on Sunday, picked it up Wednesday afternoon and it stopped running Wednesday evening. It ran for 9 hours. I will call Auto Nation tomorrow. I hope that I have better results than everyone else but I am no longer hopeful.


My husband and I recently went down to Nation Auto on Monday April 25, 2011. They advertise a 2003 Yukon XL for $9,997. They told us to bring paperwork so we can finance. When we got there and the price jumped up by $6,000 because of the financing. They never mentioned the additional money needed to finance the truck before we made the one hour drive from Waldorf. Who walks into a dealership with $10,000 cash. They had no clue what my credit was or what the interest rate was going to be. How could they ask for a blanket $6,000 above the asking price for financing? Needless to say we walked out of there. I wasnot surprised to find this post. They practice false advertisement big time.


I brought a truck that was $12,997 they charged me $14,677 so they over charged me and told me they did it because of bank fees and they over charged me for sales state taxes $973.18 and the M.V.A only charged me $592.62 when I went there to pick uptags that wasn't supposed to get they made me give them $60 more dollars to get the tags from them I had to return them back to the M.V.A when find talk to the bank they said fees up front was a lie I keep calling them they keep putting me on hold and they won't talk to me I'm trying to find a lawyer as we speak or I'm trying to talk to someone from the news I don't understand why they are still open and my brakes gave out on me after a month of have the truck they never fixed the light from being on for the tire and they was suppose to give me seat covers for the seats I got nothing........
Anyone that can help me please email me


Back in 2010 I purchased a 2009 Chevy Impala with only 18k miles for $13995. I had $1000 to down. Gave the guy the money when we got back in finance the price went up to $17995 because of "extra fees" My interest rate was pretty low so I didnt mind and it was my first time purchasing a car so I didnt know better.1 day past and it rained, the trunk was leaking, the the elctrical was messing up , then the shift gear was getting stuck. i took it back, they fixed the elctrical problem and shifting gear but they thought puttin putty is going to fix the leak. When i was talking to the guy in the garage i saw a Dodge Magnum completely totalled in the front. they took it in the back. The following week i had to come back for them to re do the trunk again and the same Magnum was 99% completely the guy was finishing by putting in the bumper.. now i knew they we're a bunch of crooks but purchasing cars that totalled with salvage titles, fixing them and reselling them. for such high prices is ridiculous.

tim aka The Godless Heathen


For future car buyiny peice of mind -

You'll get the full history of the car you're thinking about buying.


Is Nation Auto of Manassas part of this group? with these sort of business practices, people should avoid all independent car dealers and only go to the big name ones like Honda, Chevy, Toyota, etc even to buy a used car. I guess my confusion is how these companies are allowed to legally mislead customers, overcharge, etc. I bought a car last year from the Manassas folks and it took them forever to get me the title. Inspections are fake because cars have check engine lights, broken windshields, etc. Someone has to put a stop to this or boycott all independent dealers to end them. Unfortunately I am sure there are some independent dealers that are trying to make a living but folks like the mentioned ruin it for everyone.

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