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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


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So much for Nancy Pelosi's crowing about having the Best.Congress.Evah.

Imagine if Obama is elected - is it possible to have negative numbers?

tim aka The Godless Heathen

"Imagine if Obama is elected - is it possible to have negative numbers?"

Freakin' funny stuff Mommynator.


That was actually pretty funny. now they are blaming their own bad numbers on the president's bad numbers.

The reality is, people are hurting and they are hurting due to the price of gas at the pump and the inflation that has and is creeping into every aspect of their lives as a result of the price of petroleum.

And when the people hurt they get mad. And when they get mad? those in Washington better sit up and take notice.

The solution is simple, but no one is taking the advice. Place commodities back under government controls. Where they once were, before Clinton's tinkering and deregulation to benefit his own Wall Street cronies.

And that need to be done now, today. Or else reap the whirlwind that will be a very big surprise to both parties come November.


i agree impeach congress, the sooner the better.
does anyone make a tee shirt stating this??
i can't find one.

impeach congress

Congress Should Be Impeached YESTERDAY!

william portch

Where and what has happened to the news orgs. We need to impeach them to for they lies and misleading news reports. We need to march on Washington,stand in front of the Capital building and demand the Congressmen and woman and Senators be taken to jail for there crimes. We need to take back our country. We need lawyers that will stand up for our rights. How does a congress or senator become millionaires over night on $100.000 a year salary. Top of the list of senators that have received donations from fannymie,fredymac are all demOgods Dobbs who was over seeing them number 1,number 2 Obama, number 3 Kerry were are our lawyers to save our counrty.

linda Maddox

The President and Congress are stealing from the American people. We will do what ever it takes to take back our country.

Opinions Matter

Voice your own opinion..

fed up

why vote? Republicans are greedy arrogant douchebags, the democrats are spineless worms, and the Tea Party is comprised of nutjobs we wouldn't trust to sit the right way on a toilet seat. It kills me that people would rather choose "the lesser of two evils" instead of telling em all where to go.

I'd say if you insist on voting write someone in or vote none of the above.

David Turner

Democrat, Republican, these are meaningless descriptors. Our government is composed of greedy and ruthless men/women with no sense of self sacrifice or willingness to compromise. Our entire society is focused on consuming. We consume everything and it all boils down to, More for me less for you. We are destroying ourselves and it's easy to blame those whom we have placed in charge instead of seeing ourselves reflected. When you see the illness in our government you see the illness that pervades our entire society.
"Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious."
Oscar Wilde


Do I detect political bias here?
The rating of congress if far higher in percentage than which you are willing to reveal,
and why no mention of the Jon Boehner's and Scott Walkers in our political situation

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