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Monday, April 28, 2008


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It's all good, the more he talks the better. He should be encouraged to talk more. Let's get everything out and on the table.

Morgan K Freeberg

Good lesson here for the "Not A Dime's Worth of Difference Between the Two Parties" types:

NOBODY is repudiating ANYBODY here.

Give me an endless menagerie of democrat scandal spanning a hundred years or more, and you will find it to always be that way. Republicans scatter from Ann Coulter and Trent Lott at the drop of a hat. Not so with democrats. They see one of their own engaging in the most laughably sad form of hatred, and the best distancing they can muster is some week-kneed lip-service about not agreeing with all of it.

Must have something to do with that relentless and unyielding attack on the individual that has become a staple of their party philosophy. You have to give 'em credit for hanging together, even if it's more like sleeping with dogs than anything having to do with real loyalty.

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