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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


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Dude, I'm very sorry your son had to go through this. We had a neighbor who had her identity stolen and credit cards in her name were used for a meth lab. It's taken her two years to clear it up.

I haven't subscribed to this type of service, though I might. I think I'm still waiting for more positive press on them. The two I am aware of our Lifelock and TrustedID. Lifelock got some bad press recently because one of its founders had a criminal conviction for fraud related to the credit industry.

I wanted to chime in and tell you that LifeLock also stores the sensitive personal information of all their customers on their server in a database plus their employees have access to it as well. Even though they have security we all know that NO website is safe from hacker attacks, data breaches, etc. Their business model is seriously flawed. Yes, the things they do for you any individual can do for themselves but hardly anyone knows where to go to get the job done, credit freezes are not recommended as it makes it harder to get credit etc. The solution is “SECRECY.”

I believe our company has created that solution for every american that wishes to LOCKDOWN their ID. We have actual services that enable and empower the consumer to thwart identity theives while continually locking down their data, extracting their information from databases online and offline to ultimately achieve a “classified” status. Just like the government has classified documents that you and I cannot see so should every individual be empower with “SECRECY” regarding their ID. assists individuals to do just that.

We DO NOT store your sensitive personal info (credit card, drivers license, soc sec number)

We invite you and others to check us out and decide for yourself.


Anthony Tomei - Vice President
LockDown MY ID LLC


Is this post... a paid ad?

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