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Thursday, February 28, 2008


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I've read his articles and, while he disagrees with Bush vehemently over Iraq, I was encouraged that he has the decency to acknowledge that Bush is a decent man who has accomplished much without a lot of fanfare. Indeed, this was very good reading.


Geldof should have just stuck to the subject, Africa. He didn’t want to talk/debate Pres. Bush about Iraq but he felt the overwhelming need to get in his jabs. Very cheap.

Speaking of Iraq, “America has mortally compromised its own essential values of civil liberty while imposing its own idea of freedom on others who may not want it.”

Yes, nobody else wants freedom. How bloody asinine. Yes, that’s what we do; we “impose” freedom on others. The poor things, having to live under the confines of freedom, especially “our own idea” of freedom, whatever the hell that is suppose to mean. Stick to things you know about Geldof, leave the rest to the grown ups.

“In the need to find morally neutralizing euphemisms to describe torture and abuse, the language itself became tortured and abused. Rendition, waterboarding, Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib — all are codes for what America is not.”

I hate when foreigners try to tell lecture us on what America is or isn’t. Maybe if we just play some of Geldof’s music to the detainees they’ll sing like canaries. Now that would be torture.

Morgan K Freeberg

The real untold story is the nature of the rage people have for President Bush.

It isn't about the war policies and it isn't about the smirking and the swaggering. It's about the fact that as his approval ratings sink lower and lower, he doesn't care. And it isn't an act. He really, really doesn't.

People who interact with their everyday lives through style, have such an inexplicable and simmering hatred toward people who interact through substance. It burns like a thousand suns. No one's ready to explain why it is, even though on some level, I think we all know the reason.


Hey, just stopping by, Rick. Seriously, I was hoping to see a nice send-off for Bill Buckley here. He and Reagan were my kind of conservatives.


Greetings, Zossima...



Welcome back... hope things are well your way...

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