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Friday, February 01, 2008


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Ann is hilarious in the video! Thanks for linking us to it. Ann said she would actively campaign for Hillary! Wow! I guess it shows the remarkable tension of the time we have been given in which to live.

xtnyoda shalomed


I don't get it. McCain's conservative "rating" is about two points removed from Thompson's. I think the animus towards McCain is because he doesn't bow to them enough. Maybe after 5 years in a VietCong prison, he feels no need to do that to Rush and Ann Coulter.


alle - They hate McCain because he challenged Dear Leader Bush all those years ago.

Wingnut hate has no logic, it exists for its own sake.


These conservatives who are saying this crap, and there’s more of them daily, don’t realize the hypocrisy of themselves. By voting for a D, their advocating doing the same thing that they hate about McCain. That being, not standing by the party line, being liberal, etc., I guess to Ann and others, two wrongs make a Right in this situation.

Sorry Ann, Rush, Glenn, all of the voices of the conservative movement, but your wrong. I’m a Republican for a reason and to vote against those beliefs just because a candidate doesn’t meet EVERY single criteria that you deem necessary won’t change that.

“I think she (Clinton) would be stronger on the war on terrorism.”

Based on what exactly? McCain has shown me, (a Romney voter come Tues.) his strength by sticking by Pres. Bush on the Iraqi Surge. Clinton wanted to cut & run, lots of strength there Ann.

“Signing off on this election while counting on people to “do the right thing” in the next one seems to me equally hazardous and just as likely to disappoint.”

Exactly, counting on some hypothetical situation where Obama or Clinton is elected then 2 yrs. later the Senate goes Repub. is ridiculous. I shudder to think of the ramifications of an Obama or Clinton Whitehouse for one day, never mind 4/8 yrs.

I’ll be voting for McCain if that’s what it comes down to in Nov. and then I’ll be tuning out the turncoats.

Morgan K Freeberg

Well, I'd vote for McCain over a D, but I know when I'm being snookered and if McCain is only 2 points removed from Thompson, sorry, but you doin' it wrong.

Just because you're going through the motions of objectively measuring something doesn't mean that's what you're doing.

And salvage, we aren't hating, we're just working hard to keep liberalism out of our government so we don't end up like our hat. Which is you.

Morgan K Freeberg

Hope our other neighbors to the north don't take too serious offense...


Hah! Guess that makes you Canada's jeans, Morgan!!!


P.S In case you hadn't noticed, we have a conservative government in Canada now, and some of us up here are a bit worried we might become more like our jeans!


Oh for crying out loud, Tim.


In case you hadn't noticed, we have a conservative government in Canada now, and some of us up here are a bit worried we might become more like our jeans!

You mean comfortable, functional, useful, dependable and loved by all?


Humour, Leslie, humour - I'm the one who's often accused of not having any!!!


For your birthday, Tim, I better get you a joke book.

And yes, Rick, I'm sure that's exactly what he meant. :)


I've heard a hat is a useful thing, too...


Like keeping your head warm in the bitter north winds...


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