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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


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So they didn’t bother to mention the number of times then Pres. Clinton, V.P. Gore, Sen. Kerry, Sen. Clinton, etc., etc. made the exact same statements. Hmmm… I wonder why that is?

But let’s play along, yes Bush lied. So then he sends in 130,000 troops to… prove he lied? Yes, that’s brilliant logic. Surly such an evil man would at least have a plan to plant some WMD’s to make his lie hold up.

On top of all this crap, these lunatics can’t explain the alternative end game. Would they rather have Saddam still in charge of Iraq? Ah, yes now that’s a wonderful thought. The very same losers who claim we’re haphazardly killing Iraqi civilians could care less if Saddam was still slaughtering them by the hundreds of thousands.

BTW, whatever happened to the “It’s all about the Oil” mantra? Ah, ya’ that one really held up too.

Dan Gill

I noticed that it was essentially the same two ideas repeated:
1. Iraq had WMDs.
2. Iraq was in bed with terrorists.

Not only the Bush administration, but virtually everyone believed both these things. The evidence pointed that way.


>Not only the Bush administration, but virtually everyone believed both these things. The evidence pointed that way.

Utter bullshit.

They lied America into a losing war and y'all just can't face the reality that they made suckers out of you so you keep pretending they didn't.


Morgan K Freeberg

...except they have sources to cite, and you only have cheerleading.

Jeff Brokaw

I didn't read the linked articles yet, but I happen to be reading a fascinating book right now, "America's Secret War" by George Friedman, CEO of Stratfor. Just this morning I read the chapter about the runup to the war, and the decision to use WMD as a justification, even though the war was really about (among other things) forcing Saudi Arabia to fall into line about cracking down on Al Qaeda.

One main point of the discussion is really that wars are always sold to the public based on something simpler than what the classified intel says. And that this is ALWAYS the way it has to work.

It's pretty apparent to me that this is both sensible and just. What is also apparent to me is that some partisan hacks like Soros are too far gone to understand what geopolitical and military reality is all about.

mike gibbs

some people say Bush lied. most of them that state this are liberals. well, what do liberals care about liars? between the Clintons, Kerry, and Obama they should be well conditioned to lies.



No matter if you think Bush lied or not. It is the biggest blunder in American History after it was proven that there was no WMD's. Sadam was no threat and could have been defeated anyway under Bush's 1st term without having us having to lose 4,000 soldiers. Korea and Iran were more a threat then Iraq. Iraq is merely a staging area for us to attack Iran and stabilize control of oil just along as we don't bother Bush's buddies the Saudis were the 9-11 terrorists originally came from and later trained in Afghanistan under former CIA buddy Bin Ladin.

Steve Raper

@Mike..."some people say Bush lied. most of them that state this are liberals. well, what do liberals care about liars?"

As an independent who sides with the liberals for the most part,I will say this.Any president,regardless of party,that lies to the Nation as well as to the world, for the purpose of declaring war and endangering the lives of all who wear the uniform of any branch within our military,should be held accountable. Don`t use minor lies from past administrations and compare them with a war in which we lost thousands of men and women,not to forget about the men and women who are going to suffer for the remainder of their lives due to injuries received in that war.

Sometimes I get the impression that the republican party don`t really value life as they claim. When thousands of men and women are going to their deaths serving this great Nation,just to find out later they died based on lies is just unacceptable to me.That is a far cry from a sexual encounter with an aide,we`d all probably lie about that I`m sure. No comparison in your analogy Mike and if you think that`s the same thing then you`ll know why I dis-respect the conservatives of this day.


Hmmmm - the timing on this is very interesting! Good thing Mr. Bush has such wide shoulders. By the way, history will vindicate Mr. Bush. Heaven knows what it will do to Barack Hussein Obama.

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