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Thursday, January 24, 2008


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See you say “global warming” and right there is says “Climate change” and with that you demonstrate how ignorant you chose to be on the subject.

Then of course you ascribe a nefarious motivation to Gore’s warnings, “Why he’s just in it for the money!” you declare as if it makes sense except Al Gore is a millionaire (if not billion by now) and if one wants to make more money in America (and who doesn’t and why shouldn’t he?) environmentalism is not the way to go.

Quite the opposite actually.

“Ahah!” I can hear your wheels spinning,(or more precisely the exhausted hamster’s puffing) “He does it for the attention, the ego boost and the like!” which would be an odd thing to accuse a former Vice President of considering that once again, in America, there are better ways to raise your Q rating.

What will you say in five years if the North Pole ice caps do disappear entirely during the summer month I wonder?

But here we have a measurable metric! Let’s make a bet, in five years if the caps vanish how much money would you be willing to donate to whatever registered environmental charity Gore is pimping?

Morgan K Freeberg


Do you mean to say nobody is making any profit off environmentalist movements?

It's well established by now that I have difficulty interpreting your various statements in a manner consistent with your intentions (or at least, in a manner that makes you comfortable), so we can skip past the condescending lecturing this time. A simple yes or no will do FINE.

If you demonstrate the need for a pair of clearly labeled checkboxes, I will provide them.


>Do you mean to say nobody is making any profit off environmentalist movements?

No, what I clearly said was if a billionaire wants to make more billions there are better ways that the environmentalist movement.


I'm an old lady (just ask my grandchildren!) and I can verify that the seasons change, it gets hot, cold, and in between all the time, and no matter what we say or do, or how many $$$ we throw at it, that ain't gonna change, folks!

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