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Saturday, December 29, 2007


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I was at the gym Saturday morning working out. They have several T.V.'s suspended in front of the treadmill area where I work out. During the entire time I was there(11am-12:30pm EST), I was forced to watch CNN, which I almost never do. During the 90 minutes I was there CNN showed and covered the democratic candidates probably 45 minutes out of the 90. They covered and showed the republican candidates for about 30 seconds out of 90 minutes.

Anyone that denies the blatant BIAS of CNN is laughable.


The 'stats' in that study you cited are highly dubious considering that the CMPA is funded by conservative donors who have a vested interest in promoting their own version of reality.


hahahahaha if it is not been sarcastic, direct me to the name of the university and the publication. otherwise it is another bull

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