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Monday, September 17, 2007


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I would like to bring to your attention that Usama himself has not attention of going out there strapped in a bomb, he takes advantage of the poor uneducated, Arab-Muslims who have nothing to lose, that's who Bishop Desmond Tutu was referring to...The people who are actually the martyrs in this 'war'

Morgan K Freeberg

I've prepared a list of the many violent episodes that took place in America in the 1930's, in which poor desperate Americans strapped bombs to their bellies and indiscriminately slaughtered others.

It's quite a list. I've separated each entry with a dot (.). Ready? Remember, this is the Great Depression...lots and lots of poor people, no money, no food, no job...quite a list. Okay. Here we go. Ready? Here it is:


There ya go. Wow, that Desmond Tutu has a point. Allahu ackbar and all that.


Nicely done Morgan.

Lamo, you know close to nothing about the education level of Islamic martyrs.

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