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Sunday, September 09, 2007


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Morgan K Freeberg

How brave of her to come out right now and speak this kind of truth to power. When it is more fashionable to engage in this brand of babble than at any time in the last half century or more.


When I read this I thought, what a totally classless person. She doesn't need to be a believer to be civilized. All she needed to do was thank whoever she wanted and walk off.

Gina Cobb

While I know that God is forgiving, I think it's a bit presumptions to say that "Christ forgives her [present tense] for this sort of blasphemy . . ."

There is foregiveness, yes, but it doesn't necessarily come before reptenance. In fact, I think repentance usually comes first.

Even the New Testament recognizes that not everyone is, or will be, forgiven. There are numerous passages and parables in the New Testament that refer to rather unhappy ends for people who neither believe nor repent.

Part of her schtick is saying shocking things for their comedic effect. Maybe she just went too far, or maybe she meant every word of it. God knows her heart.

I hope she regrets the statement and finds forgiveness.


If you're around athiests, this kind of mockery is pretty prevalent. Kathy now has a platform to express her beliefs but may suffer the consequences, although she is wildly talented and funny, she may have gone over the line - even with her gays. In the meantime, I've got some Jesus soap that washes your sins away - athiests are serious about letting you know how stupid religion is, the problem is Jesus is probably not going to come down and defend himself.


I've never liked Kathy Griffin. I'm sure Jesus already knew what a blasphemous idiot she is & will ask for an apology when she stands before Him. It might be too late by then. Oh well. Kathy Griffin sucks!

khaida white

did THINK SHE WAS that funny ......NOW I KNOW WHY.!!
KATHY GRIFFIN doesn't have to THANK GOD; she doesn't have to even believe in GOD, but why bash a DEITY of SOME of the people who believe in and worship HIM and who CONTRIBUTE to her INCOME, SOME of us BELIEVERS helped her to get the award by paying HER MONEY with "GOD WE TRUST" ON IT. As someone said, we are providing her a platform to make these blasphemous statements by watching her on television and going to see her perform.

Well, I THANK JESUS,none of my MONEY is in her bank account; AFTER THIS, it never will be!

James P.

I don't think what she said is blasphemous at all, just a reflection of what REALLY goes on inside a winner's head. She's a comic, and successfully held up a mirror to the situation.

To think that Jesus, in any way, cares about handing out little gold statues to the elitist, most superficial, and arrogant section of humanity is really a bit presumptuous - and self-stroking. Hollywood is not a Godly arena. People are their own gods in Tinsel Town.

Also, one has to realize that little gold statues have become Gods themselves, golden calves in their own right. The pursuit of an Oscar or an Emmy has become the new religion of Hollywood, a land of nothing BUT idolatry.

The amount of money a studio spends to promote for awards shows could end hunger for half our nation. Why would Jesus be on the forefront of this kind of "ceremony"? I don't think so.

I think what she said reflects the true nature of the scenario, and the stars that pursue it to the fullest.

Steve C

Joni and Mommynator said: I've never liked Kathy Griffin. I'm sure Jesus already knew what a blasphemous idiot she is & will ask for an apology when she stands before Him. It might be too late by then. Oh well. Kathy Griffin sucks!

When I read this I thought, what a totally classless person.

Are you people serious? Lighten up. You take yourselves way to seriously. Do you think Jesus really had something to do with her winning the award or that he even cares about this award. You probably think the people that "thank Jesus" after they win the Oscar are doing the right thing by crediting him for their success!! You probably think they mean it! To me... that's the blasphemy... to thank Jesus when you most likely don't even mean it.


At the height og their popularity, the Beatles once proclaimed that they were "more popular than Christ." This was followed by public outrage, burning Beatle albums, etc.. They finally apologized and were accepted again. I hope Kathy will apologize too.

Many people - myself included - find it offensive and crass when celebrities thank Jesus for somehow favoring them. It is wonderful that religion can provide strength to people, but this a private matter. When celebrity after celebrity proclaims their membership in the Jesus-club, I find it self-righteous at best.

Ken Shepherd

I linked to your item here:

Here's a related matter of biased coverage from MSNBC:


There is no god, never was, never will be.

JC in Florida



Just because you have the microphone and an audience in front of you and you CAN say something doesn't mean you SHOULD say it.

Someone up in the chain here said Christians are "sheep" - Hey, Hollywood makes more monkeys out of us than world religions ever did.


While I personally find Kathy to be
a bit of a crass loudmouth, I'm not
here to bash her. She knew exactly what
she was doing.

I just find it a bit odd that she chose
winning an Emmy as the opportunity to
leave the sensitive religious folks aghast.

From the perspective of reality, Kathy
could have replaced the word 'god' with
'santa claus' and yet no one would have
been offended.

Figure that one out.


Oh, this is just silly. They're just words --- anyone who was truly offended by her words (she is a comedian, remember) should re-evaluate their lives.

She has a right to say as she pleases. If you begin to censor speech that some people dislike, be careful, because you'll say something offensive to someone some day, and the same will happen to you.

Zombie H. Jesus

When I read this I couldn't understand why Kathy Griffin was telling Jesus to suck it. Jesus is such a nice old guy but he doesn't speak English very well. So, I went out to my backyard where Jesus was cutting the grass. He didn't seem to know who Kathy Griffin was, but then my Spanish isn't much better than his English.


Oh, please. Everyone needs to settle down. It was for complete shock value. That's Kathy Griffin's schtick!!
I'm glad she brought to light how everyone thanks god when they receive an award. It just doesn't seem genuine at all. The ladies on The View made a good point yesterday. What if she thanked Allah or Buddha?? People need to relax and realize that Freedom of Speach is still a right we all have in this country....Thank ____! (you fill in the blank.


I did not know who she was before the comments, but I do now. Maybe that was what she was trying to achieve.

I am a Christian. My deepest feeling regarding her statement, is only sadness. I will pray for her.

Unfortunately, one of the few "Groups" that can be publicly ridiculed without evisceration from the mainstream media is Christians.

If she had said **** Muslims, or **** Jews, the outrage would have been deafening!

I guess from my perspective the good news is that at least Christ is introduced into the discussion.


all i know is that she will be held accountable for her words and actions.


The Jolly Blogger has a really good comment on this whole thing here.


There are two things going on with what Kathy Griffin said. One, she mocks Christ, but in doing so, she also mocks the foundation of her country. Say what you want about how far society has gone or the impact of diversity etc, but the reality is your founding fathers associated the country they built with the God whose son is Jesus. Your money is stamped with "In God We Trust". Is that a joke? What good is American money if it's got a big fairy tale stamped on it?

It's fine to pass Kathy's words off as humour; but not without questioning why the population finds it funny. It's fine to say it's just words; but not without questioning why words have become worthless. It's also fine for Christians to chide any offense and say that Christians are supposed to passively forgive; but not without also agreeing to give up participating in shaping the nation (i.e. activism) for that is essentially what happens if people sit back and give a free pass to those anointed to entertain the citizens. They erode the historical fabric of the country.

Who laughs then?

Dave Stucki

One who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool.
One who takes offense when offense is intended is also a fool.

Let's stop being foolish, people.
Jesus didn't belittle the people who mocked him. Let's do likewise and follow the master.


Dave, I think Jesus is far more offended by our casual indifference to human suffering near and far - which if course is why our fearless leader has a World Vision link in the right hand margin!


Oh please people! She's a comedian who is famous for her brash humor. She accepted the award accordingly. If she was demure and politically correct than she wouldn't have won the award in the first place. Oh Your God lighten up!



Although some of the founding fathers probably believed in God, ALL of them were secularists. To quote the treaty of Tripoli, 1796, (which was drafted under Washington and signed by Adams), "As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion." Contrary to popular (and disturbing) belief, this country was NOT founded on belief in God or Jesus.

khaida white

I see so many comments against people thanking GOD for rewards. I have also noticed that the majority of people who do THAT, are BLACK. MOST Blacks believe, since slavery, that every successful step we have made is because GOD IS A LOVING GOD, who rewards everyone, WHO believe and have faith in HIM.
Contrary to the belief of those who do not believe in GOD, and inspite of the sarcastic blasphemous remarks, such as KATHY made, inspite of the ridicule of CHRISTIANS, we BLACKS can SEE THE GREAT PROGRESS MADE in our lives since SLAVERY and most CHRISTIANS believe that were it not for so many CHRISTIANS believing in GOD and serving HIM that GOD WOULD HAVE DESTROYED this world because of the wickedness that continues to accelerate.
I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT those of us who BELIEVE IN GOD should ridicule those of you who don't believe and I DON'T BELIEVE we should try to force non-believers to believe and call you derogatory names because you DON'T BELIEVE, nor do I think you should curse our GOD or call us names because we happen to think differently than you. I think atheist are insecure in their belief, otherwise why are they always trying to convince us believers TO ONLY believe IN EVOLUTION and ONLY BELIEVE scientifically.
THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT I BELIEVE as I BELIEVE and although YOU, also, have heard about GOD, JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT just as WE CHRISTIAN HAVE, it is your choice NOT TO BELIEVE as it IS OUR CHOICE TO BELIEVE. What is absolutely certain, YOU CAN NOT SHOW US THERE IS NO GOD NO MORE THAN WE CAN SHOW YOU THERE IS. I believe that someday we will all know for certain AND I would much rather have believed, during this short time we are given in life, and find out that I was wrong for believing than to have lived not believing and find out that I was wrong for not believing because to undo OR be forgiven for being wrong in this matter is a lot harder after we die than it is now. SO! I'd just as soon believe now.
Believe it or not, the majority of the constitution, as well as our legal laws, are based on the, just as the constitution gives you freedom of speech,OUR bible gives you freedom and/or the right to believe or not BELIEVE.
...AND THAT'S THE BEAUTY!! IT IS THE PEOPLE'S RIGHT TO THANK GOD FOR THEIR AWARDS, for the food we eat, for bringing our sons and daughters safely home or to THANK GOD FOR WHATEVER!!
KATHY OR ANY ATHEIST HAVE A RIGHT TO NOT LIKE IT, But they don't have the right to belittle or ridicule ANYONE that is tantamount to defamation of character!
WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST TRY TO GET ALONG! What she did was uncalled for and everyone, who DON'T LIKE WHAT SHE SAID should BOYCOTT HER!!


Granted Kathy Griffin is repulsive in almost every way, and I really don't have any interest in 99% of what she says. However, it is refreshing to hear someone speak out with a little honest humor. Whatever you may or may not believe, Jesus Christ did not win her an emmy. Jesus Christ does not cause people to win baseball games or do well on their SATs or make it through the next green light. It's ok to think that the things that people accomplish, good or bad, are due to their own efforts, because that is, in fact, the way the world works.

It's more than a little ridiculous to attribute your victories and good fortune entirely to God's will- the implication is that those who didn't win or do well or have good things happen must not have been in God's favor. Gee, I guess CUbs fans just don't pray hard enough.

Non-Christians have to put up with athletes and celebrities praising Jesus all the time. I think it's only fitting that the moral majority should be exposed to the same thing. Now, if you're able to actually live by the rules you claim to espouse, stop judging Kathy Griffin lest ye be judged.


Everyone is getting all riled up over a speech of acceptance of a reality t.v award. Its hollywood and her job is to make jokes. you already know she is working towards a certain demographic because that is show biz. Whether you like it or not, everyone believes in something different and has different interpretations of phrases and words. You can either suck it up and give respect as you would want it, listen and ask for clarification and if its different, agree to disagree. If not then you can continue to pout about how they are wrong in your view for probably many years to come. she is a comedian, she works to make people laugh and to shock, she was making a joke about the fact that many of the celebrities tend to thank jesus and god in their speeches... my part; that she wont appologize for it because it was a joke and no it wasnt about polking fun at a religion it was about the celebrities that say self ritious stuff. so again if you have a problem with it you can either get over it and move on or keep on complaining. so this is my one minute of contemplation of this issue and now im done thinking about it and moving on.

Morgan K Freeberg


I perceive your goal in thinking these things out is to be on the side of the majority, as opposed to being "right" according to whatever definition.

I further perceive that if that is your goal, you have succeeded.

It's an interesting prevailing viewpoint we have going on. If a Christian does something non-offensive toward a secularist, say for example going to work and arranging a nativity scene on her desk...that non-offensive thing is determined to be offensive. And if a secularist does something designed to be offensive, like the subject under discussion here...that offensive thing is regarded as non-offensive by you and persons like you.

Works out great for everyone, except for two people: The secularist who chooses to offend, and the Christian who would prefer not to. Those two groups are left not knowing what to do.


Given that this took place nearly 90 days ago, I couldn't help wonder if Jenny was awakened from a long nap.


Steve C said:

Joni and Mommynator said: I've never liked Kathy Griffin. I'm sure Jesus already knew what a blasphemous idiot she is & will ask for an apology when she stands before Him. It might be too late by then. Oh well. Kathy Griffin sucks!

When I read this I thought, what a totally classless person.

Are you people serious? Lighten up. You take yourselves way to seriously. Do you think Jesus really had something to do with her winning the award or that he even cares about this award. You probably think the people that "thank Jesus" after they win the Oscar are doing the right thing by crediting him for their success!! You probably think they mean it! To me... that's the blasphemy... to thank Jesus when you most likely don't even mean it.

Actually, I'm going to quote myself - next time you may want to actually read what you're criticizing.

"When I read this I thought, what a totally classless person. She doesn't need to be a believer to be civilized. All she needed to do was thank whoever she wanted and walk off."

Try again, buster.

Graz Perrelli

Wow. The more time passes and lower we go. First and foremost: Kathy Griffin is NOT funny. She has zero talent. This Jesus thing is a stunt of that of a desperate low life. It is for shock. She knew that people would be talking about her-for the good-or bad. When did it suddenly become alright to just attack people of the Christian faith? When did this happen? It is now really cool to attack the highest power. It brings on power to oneself. At least, in the minds of these so called "intellectuals". Hollywood...Get over it...You are not the center of intelligence. Kathy Grifin's stale, and never once funny D-list routine is so worn out. I say be happy you're on the d-list. Do you really believe you should be above it? Are you kidding? You can't act, your voice is more annoying than fingernails scraping on a chalkboard, and you have never made me laugh ONCE. Who keeps giving this talentless idiot airtime? KATHY GRIFFIN HAS NO TALENT. SHE IS NOT FUNNY. Anyone who thinks she's talented is brain dead and has no taste. John Belushi was funny. Richard Pryor was funny. Larry David is funny. (Young) Steve Martin is funny. Chris Farley was funny. Kathy Griffin is just bad. She just has the vibe of some stupid, desperate kunt who will do anything to get attention. She was the girl in high school who never stopped talking, except when *** *** *** ***** ** *** ***** at some high school party bathroom. She looks like a slut, doesn't she? Just an ugly, desperate, easy fool. Kathy Griffin. Get a f**king clue. Jesus is not the problem, it's the lack of God that's the problem. Forgive me Jesus for mentioning you with this woman's name in the same paragraph.

[Rick*-Comment edited for vulgarities]

manny mac

Someday, Ms Griffin will find her place. She will be tremendously used!

Kay Meyer


drumbi cruz

Do not let the familiarity of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be an opportunity for invoking it thoughtlessly and irreverently. Do not forget that this is the only name given by which unspeakably wretched sinners like us can possibly be saved, the name which causes demons to tremble in dreadful anticipation of the torment that is coming from the One who bears it. He is holy, holy, holy; the Holy One of Israel !!!

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