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Sunday, July 16, 2006


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Here's another charming essay: "F*ck God".


errr...god isn't working out very well for me either.
so i gave Him a pinkslip.

Assistant Village Idiot

CS Lewis confronted the same foolishness 60 years ago and made short work of it.

I suppose if you just kinda know a few things about Jesus and like, have an impression of what he was like, it's pretty easy to make his teachings into whatever you want. This is one more case of Jesus was good, my ideas are good, therefore Jesus likes my ideas. Sheesh.

I just wrote on a similar topic, the "Who Would Jesus Bomb" snarkiness, and request that you favor me with a visit.


There is a problem with your logic. If Jesus meant the things he said - that he was the Resurrection and the Life, that we were to eat and drink his flesh and blood, that he would raise himself up on the last day, etc, then he either was what he said he was - the Messiah - or he was crazy and delusional.

In which case, you can't simply call him a "great teacher like the Buddha."

Please learn to think and read.

Final Historian

Ahhh, the joys of the "tolerant" left.

Assistant Village Idiot

Liz, you might want to "oops" that one for not thinking and reading yourself. What you said to contradict the OP is precisely the point of the OP, which was quoting from another article he disapproved of.


Thanks, AVI. I DID actually know that, I just wrote it badly. I'm not a writer! :(


Liz... don't sweat it... thanks for writing here...

Account Deleted

Besides the claim that "before Abraham was, I AM" (John 8:58, oh, what scandal!), there is also the delightful bit from John 3:13. Unfortunately, it tends to get buried, or totally ignored, in translation.

Caius Marcius

That Golden Rule thing - doing onto others as you would have them do onto you - isn't particularly applicable in the realm in sexual behavior.

Like other posters have said, while Jesus *was* a great teacher, there is far more to Him that merely His teachings.

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