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Monday, April 24, 2006


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» Terror the Hyperventilating Left Right from The Anchoress
After spending some time reading news, opinions and analysis from all over the web and in the blogosphere, I am struck by the way both the right and left lungs of sphere are in full-press hyperventilation over the breaking news of the last 20 h... [Read More]

» Racial Profiling Again, Shrub? from BlameBush!
The Worlds Greatest Terrorists have been busy the past few days. Two Muslims were nabbed in Ohio last Tuesday for the terrible crime of possessing too many cell phones. Six Egyptian Muslims were arrested and five more are being hunted [Read More]


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Sorry, Leslie, I'm going to show my lack of manners again. Here's $5 that says Rick won't answer.

Rick, simple question: Is the government of George Bush competent in protecting us from terrorist threats? If so, why are you publishing this?


i am syrian, and i am just going to say that you are one ignorant fool! its sad that an ignorant person can so easily write whatever he/she wants and just post it for everyone to read. sad sad sad.


its sad that an ignorant person can so easily write whatever he/she wants and just post it for everyone to read. sad sad sad.

Samya, I'm glad you've chosen to do so here.

And Zossima, I somehow missed your post... only now seeing it, a year and a half later... the answer is clear... there've been no other attacks on American soil... though I think the competency could be better, so far so good bud... hope Leslie didn't pay up.

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