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Friday, April 21, 2006


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Jeebus, Rick, are you a traitor? You have the temerity to publish someone who suggests that the gov't is less than competent? Are you suggesting that while bazillions of dollars are being spent in Iraq that we've actually left ourselves unsecure here? The existence of this very kind of speech only empowers our enemies, the terrorists. I think this kind of writing is worthy of jail.


Zossima you've let your disagreements with Rick cloud your manners.

Welcome Annie. I'm very interested to hear more about this from your perspective. As details arise I'll look forward to hearing your take. Thanks.


I treat Rick no differently than he treats "moonbats"---which is getting to be 70%+ of the population. One thing I'm sure about Rick is that he can take it. Rick left himself wide open with this post, which frankly has me perplexed, because it indicates that Annie is going to write about the very things Rick has worked so hard for years now to deny. It was the perfect opportunity for a little humor that satirizes the very things that the "Right" (they're not conservatives) have been saying.


I just thought manners would call for addressing the one who wrote the post.


Rick owns the blog. He decides what gets published here. That's why we write letters to the editor and not necessarily to the reporter/columnist.


Suit yourself.


Rick does own the blog, and Rick's with Leslie...

Methinks that Zos you're making charges that don't carry water...

To suggest that I rubber stamp anything this adminsitration does is to be myopic... and I wonder why...

Perhaps you can cite for me who you think might've handled things better...

John Kerry?


Rick, you pander to the lowest ploy of the right, which is, What would the left have done? It doesn't matter if Clinton or Kerry or whomever would or couldn't have done better. I loathe the Clintons as much as I loathe the Bushies. What Bush has and hasn't done needs to stand on its own merits, and you're a big enough boy to know that. Quit hiding behind Clinton's skirts and be a man. Stand for truth instead of a political figure.

In this case, my charges absolutely carry water: You are a hypocrite. You deny any evidence of Bush's wrongdoing that comes from the left. But you've been caught in the duplicity of your own position. I called you on it. You can't print Annie's article and not be a hypocrite to your previous positions on anti-Bush evidence.

Show me something you don't rubber stamp. Weak. Think for yourself. You can protest all you want. Your sellout is obvious.

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