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Sunday, April 02, 2006


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Forgiveness is often the hardest of God's requirements of us. But all the more necessary for being so.


I pray for a spirit of forgiveness for you and your family.

Sincere question: How does Jesus' teaching about forgiveness apply to your posture toward liberals, terrorists, etc.? And how does it apply to a so-called christian nation's response to terrorists, nuclear threat, etc.?

One of my favorite books is "Exclusion and Embrace", written by a Serb christian, Miroslov Volf, who was thrown into a crisis by a challenge from another wonderful theologian, Jurgen Moltmann, to forgive the Croats.

a concerned Christian

To sincerely forgive,would mean to first understand (clearly) the greatest commandments: to love God with all of our heart,mind,soul and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves. If we do not have the latter part right, we cannot have the former right. If we DO have the former right, we will naturally(in Spirit) have the latter right. Simply put, we cannot forgive or love one another as we truly should until we first understand who we are! And who are we? The answer,as always, starts with us accepting Christ for who He is-Our Lord and Savior. Through Him do we come to a TRUE understanding. We are living souls. It's not that breath in us that deceives us (that is from God), but it is what we open ourselves up to(in the flesh) that deceives us(that being satan). If we(through the Spirit) truly understand this, we will also understand what it is that has caused any individual to commit sin(and we ALL do in the flesh). The last person who would want any of us to sincerely understand this would be who? That would be satan himself!As long as a person is blind to it, he's got them right where he wants them. And,if he can prevent another from revealing the TRUTH to them,he's got them where he wants them-believer or not!!!If we truly understand this(spiritually), how could we not forgive?!? And when we do sin,how do we Christians) get the armor of the Lord back on us? Only one way-through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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