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Saturday, February 25, 2006


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Mike R.

Amen brother...

She will be missed. I remember living with you guys and sharing a recliner with her. I would lay down and watch TV and here comes Sadie. She would crawl right next to me... I think more to prove that she was the owner of that spot... but at least she was a sweetheart about it.

Now that I am on deployment, I realize how crazy I am about my own dog. Robin sends me pictures as if he were my son... Well, he is my son. I can't wait to see him. We initially grabbed him so he could be a security guard for Robin in anticipation of a deployment, but now he is a big part of our little family. He can be a pain in the ass, but he is well worth it. I never thought I would get so attached to a dog either.

I'd like to think your right dude.. God has his way of sending a message about unconditional love. I'd like to think he has slapped me with another big message by sending me away from home. I appreciated my family (including Riggins), friends, and especially Robin... but now I do more than ever. I hope Robin understands why I will be wagging my tail when I step off the plane. We learn in strange ways what it means to love someone unconditionally... even if its from a Saide or Riggins. I know I have learned something... Plus, I am more than a little sexually deprived ;)

Enough of that... Love you guys, Prayin for you.

-lil bro

ruthie small

loss seems to leads to grief. think about how cindy shehan feels every morning. if people grieve over their pets just wonder how they grieve over the loss of a child.

go ahead, say something stupid.


Ruthie, I think Cindy Sheehan has said enough stupid things for the both of us...

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