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Thursday, November 10, 2005


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Excellent piece Nick... thanks... and not just the post but your service...


That's a great post, my man. A great, historical trip down memory lane. And thanks for the list of former Marines.

Semper Fi




.. happy birthday, Nick... may the Corps last another 230 years...

That 1 Guy

Happy 230th, Marine...

Semper Fi.


Thanks for the reminder.

My wife's father was with the 1st Marines on Guadalcanal, in 42. When he died, we found a partially used message pad from the canal. Reading it gives me goosebumps. A direct connection to the blood that nourished the Tree of Freedom.

Thank you for your service.

Tomorrow we remember all who served. We tend to downplay those who serve in peacetime. They, the watchers on the wall, are just as important as those who waded ashore on some mysterious island.

Wild Thing

Happy 230th Birthday Marine and thank you for serving our country. Thank you too for being a part of why I live in the land of the free.


If the Army and the Navy should look down on heaven's scenes,
They will find the streets are guarded by United States Marines. ;)



That's my favorite part !!



Marines are first to fight, after Spec. Ops leaves [Army !]

Fred Park

Can someone tell me the name of the movie in which Lee Marvin played the part of a Marine, in which he wasn't worth a darn until the chips were down.

Questioned in a courtsmartial, and almost villified, when asked why he did something so uncharacteristic of a "loser," he responded: "Semper fi." Said it with a Lee Marvin sneer, as though the questioner was just plain stupid. Which he was.

And the case rested. And I, and a lot of Marines and wannabies, cried.

I don't remember the movie title, but I wish I could see it again.

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