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Monday, October 31, 2005


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This is the pick Bush should have made all along. As one who is staunchly pro-life, I applaud. Plus, from a pure strategy standpoint, if they choose to filibuster, the Democrats' worst traits will be exposed. It puts their weaknesses (can you say 'stabbing babies with scissors'?) on display.

The Ugly American

Going way over the top at Americablog With comments like this from anonymiss:

This nomination is an absolute wake-up call for both leftists and centrists. If are not to become Nazi Germany (and I know that's harsh, but it's honestly the way I'm feeling right now), we've GOT to do something. Now is the time, and this is the issue.

Or this Gem by Anonymous (it seems a very popular moniker for kooks)

Scalito looks like a child a Hastert or Sensenbrenner kinda creepy feel-you-up-while-you-sleep type of guy!

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