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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


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Haven't seen ROTS just yet so some of what was said is a bit foreign to me. But much of this does resonate.

But I also have to admit that some of the "malaise" (to quote Jimmy) I'm feeling I have to be responsible for in some way.

Feeble Knees

Very interesting point, I had not considered that. Will have to ponder that some more.

What kept ringing through my head the whole time was "he who seeks to save his life shall lose it..." In fact, I thought the whole thing had a very surprising Judeo-Christian ethic woven throughout, which is ironic for a series of movies that have been vilified by many Christians for being "New Age" and "Eastern"...

Fr. Tim

Rick, I think so much goes into our alienation from groups and people who honestly start out with the best of intentions. You are of a "slightly" older generation than I am (ahem*boomer*ahem). Many of your generation (ahem*hippies*ahem) have demonstrated a lack of trust in organizations (ahem*flowerchildren*ahem) in the first place.

But seriously at lot of times it only takes getting burned once in order to make you put your guard up forever.

Fr. Tim

Fr. Tim

Ok, maybe you're not that old . . . yet ;D

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