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Thursday, May 26, 2005


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The man is a closet Democrat, bet you anything.


Bolton's a douche. I can tell just by looking at him.


I suppose he wants his children and grandchildren to live in a world which caters to totalitarian fascists, oppressive dictators, mass genocidists and thieves otherwise why else would he be against the Bolton appointment.


I don't think we are looking at weakness in the sense you mean it. I think we are looking at a mental breakdown.

Citizen Grim

Heh, this brings to mind an amusing cartoon from a few weeks back:

Voinovich is a pansy.

GW Crawford

Bolton's a douche? Do you mean he is a straightforward easy to use cure for possible infections and problems? In that case, I agree!

(BTW, Voinovich is a complete wuss. Or a gay actor)


Voinavich must have been burning the midnight oil. Going from knowing nothing about Bolton at his earlier outburst to reading hundreds of pages before his latest speech from the floor. I don't get access to the secure documentation he might have but the unclassified info I have seen would not lead me to believe Bolton rises to Voinavich's level of protestation. There is something else going on here and it doesn't look pretty.


he a gomersexual!


Bolton is a bully and a leader. It often takes one to be the other.

Voinovich is an effette pantywaist and an embarrassment to the Senate (if such a thing is possible).


Sorry, "metrosexual" is being a bit too kind. A man can be in touch with his "feminine" side and still project strength, power and cool. This Voinovich character is nothing more than a pantywaist.


Holy crap. So a guy cries once in public and suddenly he's a pussy who wants the terrorists to win and kill all Americans and subject the U.S. to a totalitarian communist state? Oppose Bolton and you hate America? What kind of crap is that? This kind of thinking ignores the very real fact that there are right-wing 'douchebags' who would be bad for our country would they be appointed to any sort of important international position. Last time I checked, Voinovich has supported almost all of Bush's policies.

Real conservatives need to get the GOP out of their mouth. Sure, they're much better than the Democrats, but that doesn't mean they're flawless.


Since most of the Google Ads were anti-Bush, I was happy to click on them... several times. Hopefully this will assist in a proper "transfer of wealth." (grin)


Where is John Wayne when you need him?

I don't want to send more wienies to the U.N. floor. I want an ass kicker to tell Kofi and company to get their act together, or get out. If Bolton is as tough as they make him out to be, so much the better.

We don't need anymore of the Clinton shags and shills to drag the country further to wimp side!


What a big baby? Jeez, I thought politics in Louisiana sucked but at least our guys don't cry.


And I just hope my colleagues will take the time and . . . do some serious thinking about whether or not we should send John Bolton to the United Nations.

A little ironic to hear Voinovich ask his colleagues to take some time; don't I remember that he couldn't find the time to attend the Bolton hearings in the first place?

Will Franklin

What a disgusting display. Voinovich makes me sick.

Jason R

I'm from Ohio, and I can tell you from experience that Voinovich is not a closet Democrat. That being said, I don't see the problem with him breaking down on the floor of the Senate. Do you -really- think terrorists are watching CSPAN-2 to get the continuous coverage of the filibuster fight? Do you think they care if a Senator cries or is weak? He is one of a hundred in that chamber alone. I also don't see the problem in our politicians showing that they're not just political dolls who say "vote for me" when you pull their cord. He believes deeply in something and I'm proud that he is from Ohio, even if I disagree with just about everything else he does or says.


Top 11 Things That Made George Voinovich Cry Yesterday

Zsa Zsa

I love this blog!...These are some of the funniest greatest comments I have read anywhere in Blogland! Thanks for letting me visit...


I can't believe what I'm reading!

"Voinovich is a pansy"? Holy hell, people, he's standing up to the largest, most powerful, most explicitly dominating and single-minded putsch to ever hijack a government--he's the ONLY Republican to stand up to a House, Senate and Presidency of Republicans. He's the one saying that perhaps unrelenting violence and unilateralism isn't the way to go. He's saying that we shouldn't use terrorism to fight terrorism, which is just about the least popular thing a person could say in today's political climate. And you say he's a wimp?! He's got balls, people! He's actually listening to what Jesus said, not just mouthing the words while fingering a trigger. He's actually holding America accountable for its actions, and that's tough to do! Voinovich, whatever you say about his political strategy for making this world a better place, is fucking gutsy! Far more so than any Republican who just goes along with the violence-obsessed, power-hungy, wealth-consolidating Republican agenda.


Have you ever cried about anything, Rick?

Just Some Guy

Damn! Damn! Damn!

Damn straight. I heard this guy breaking down all morning on NPR while I was driving. What an asswipe! Glad you said what needed saying.

Bill of Rights

Voinovich epitomizes that within all of our political and top military leadership which puts the outcome of the great struggle in doubt:

Rice submittingly protests that we essentially revere the holy book of our enemies.

Brigadier General Hood explains how our troops cannot even touch this magical object while somehow and inexplicably providing it to imprisoned head-choppers.

Bush praises Palestinian democracy while Hamas gains power, and the Palestinian cult of death propaganda continues unabated, and Israel retreats behind a wall.

Bush praises Mubarak for democratic "reforms" while the ruler-for-life continues his reign. Mubarak will decide who will oppose him in the coming so-called election.

The Sauds make no change whatsoever even in America about the ongoing effusion of their black ideology.

Tough talk on Iran leads to proposed membership for them in the World Trade Organisation.

Goooo Terrorists! Yaaayyy!!! Ya'll just might win this thing after all! We're just a bunch of crybabies who want the world to like us so badly....

Bill of Rights

Voinovich epitomizes that within our political and high military leadership which provides the only possibility of placing the outcome of this great struggle in doubt:

Rice submissively protests that we essentially revere the "holy book" of our enemies, the same book which commands our subjugation.

Brigadier General Hood explains that the mere touching of this book must be explained as an "accident" or a breach of policy and procedures. So our troops presumably must submissively wear gloves while submissively providing this object to the imprisoned head-choppers.

Tough talk on Iran leads to submissive moves toward membership in the World Trade Organization.

Bush praises Palestinian democracy as Hamas gains power, the Palestinian cult of death propaganda continues unabated, and Israel tries to submissively retreat behind a wall.

Bush praises Mubarak for "reforms" while the ruler-for-life continues his reign. Mubarak will decide which stooges will oppose him in the coming so-called "elections".

Meanwhile, Oriana Fallaci faces trial from the in Italy for trying to warn the Europeans of the results of these very types of events.

Gooooo terrorists! Yaaayyy!!! Ya'll just might win this thing! Our leaders are all wimps, see how they cry for the French to love them.


Have you ever cried about anything, Rick?

Yes Mike, I have. A number of times. I choked up at the birth of my sons. I wept when my wife was stricken ill and I had to call an ambulance to get her help. I became emotional when my church celebrated my entering into an ordination exploration program. I cried when my cousin Rick passed away. I wiped away tears when I made it home on September 11th, 2001 after being a mere block or two away from the Pentagon.

Bottom line Mike, yes, I've certainly wept in my time.

But your attempt to give equivalence to those times and what Voinovich has done in the well of the Senate while debating the qualifications of the next United States ambassador to the U.N. doesn't wash.

What would be similar is if I cried when you disagreed with my politics. Or if you cried when I criticized your love of Jim Wallis. But even those examples fall a bit short. You and I aren't on the world stage, watched by terrorists who are emboldened by signs of weakness. And Voinovich's antics now broadcast to the entire world may actually cost lives.

If you want to draw moral equivalence between my rather private times of grief or extreme joy and Voinovich's public statements dealing with a political appointment, then please, charge ahead with that foolishness.

It wouldn't be the first time a liberal attempts to draw moral equivalence on an issue to further their agenda when in fact no equivalence exists.

You're forgiven.

I understand that this is what liberals do, they simply can't help themselves.

Zsa Zsa

What is a gomersexual? HA ... Whatever it is I am sure it is rather interesting! Brutal and honest go hand in hand. That is why this is my newest favorite blog! Thanks again.

Zsa Zsa

Is a closet Democrat sort of like a dead Democrat that votes?...


Rick! An Instalanche! I've been away too long. Congrats.


This post and the comments below are pretty funny coming from repressed homosexuals. Face it, your idea of a good time is getting all sweaty with the boys, rolling around in each other's blood, hearing the cold slap as your sculpted bodies collide. You guys are jokes. And cowards. You don't even have the balls to say this to the guy's face. Not to mention...he's a Senator and you're a blogger. Your machismo must be really impressive considering that it's gotten you nowhere. And by the way, lime green? Lime green? Someone better look in the mirror when they're talking about going soft. Fucktards!

PS - male pattern baldness is a sign of waning virility.


Ditto everything Steve said. Ohh wow guys, are you serious??? The terrorists are going to strike because Voinovich became passionate the the point of tears over Bolton? Rick, you seriously think that lives will be lost because he cried...give me a break! You wierdo bloggers need to go out and get jobs!

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